Tuesday, 7 August 2018

Summary - My top five blogs by views.

Kia ora katoa e hoa.

I am a stats man (my occupation in the Navy suggested why)

So I have posted here in order from 1st to 5th the blogs in order of views.  Just click on the link to open that blog. One has to remember there are over 460 blogs in my blog site so viewed looks are spread afar. Currently (as at 6 Aug 2018) there have been 91,135 views in the past 7 years and 4 months.  The very first Blog was a rant at then Head of ACC Sensitive Claims Unit Doctor Peter Jansen, backing one of my good mates.

Where it Started

Blind Fury

Where it Is Now

3884  The Psychiatric World of Ward 21 PN Hospital and Other Matters written 10 May 2011

3650  Composite List of HDML's  20 March 2016

2635 Is Early Childhood care/learning burning our kids out?  17 November 2011

1183 Naval (Branch) Grazing  19 March 2014

1143  My Navy Memoir 1975 to 2002  11 May 2015

As at 17/9/2018 I have had 94,079 views on my blog.  That means I have 5,121 views to go to attain 100,000. Question is can I attain it before my 60th Birthday (11 October 2018)??

Te ite nei au e piti whakahonore auruuru koe mo to korero.

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