Monday, 30 July 2018

The New Zealand Top 15 Songs

Below are 15 iconic New Zealand music videos. Please vote for your top 3 (5 for best, 3 second and 1 for third.) (or add another not on the list) in the comments box below. Feel free to watch all the videos if you are not aware of the songs.

1. Soviet Snow - Shona Laing

2. Lorde and Royals

3.  Dave Dobbyn - Loyal.

4.  Bliss by Th' Dudes

5. Split Enz and 6 Months in a Leaky Boat.

6. Dragon's April Sun in Cuba

7.  Dave Dobbyn and Herbs - Slice of Heaven (In Memorium - rest easy Murray Ball)

8. Poi E by Patea Maori Club.(RIP Dalvanius Prime)

9. OMC (aka Pauly Fuemana) and How Bizarre.

10.  The King Cannons and The Brightest Light.

11.  Buffalo by The Phoenix Foundation

12.  Slipping Away by Max Merriot and the Meteors.

13. The Swingers with Counting the Beat

14.  Tadpole's Alright.

15.  and last but by no means least - Blam Blam Blam and No Depression in New Zealand.

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