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Below is my CV if you are seeing this you are a prospective employed.  I am using this medium as your employer application software doesn't Open Office Org (*.odt) and currently on a benefit and can not afford MS Office at the moment

The CV



July 2018

  • Personal Details

Thane Walter Zander (Preferred name Thane)
Age 59
162 College Street,
Palmerston North.
Mobile – 021 08657767
Educational Details

MASH Training, ID/PD including Stesolid, Medazolam, Epilepsy, MASH Hui and on job training per clients needs at Albert Street and Valley Views. First Aid ticket training.

Intentional Peer Support and WRAP training through Journeys to Wellbeing and training as required for public speaking and presenting Like Minds Like Mine to the public and organisations.

Tiriti o Waitangi training through MASH Trust.

Massey English and Arts papers from 2008 and 2009.

Business Administration and Computing Level 3 (Practical Education Institute)
Unit Standards 108, 112, 122, 123, 328, 329, 331, 497, 57, 2785, 6403, 2787, 11099,.

Wide range of Trade, Management and Organisational courses required for trade and management relevance in the Royal New Zealand Navy (1975 - 2002) SR1 Course - RAN 1984

School Certificate Passes 1975:



Clients needs maintained – Rapport
Requisite primary training for certain medical needs
MASH indoctrination through Hui training
On Job skills gained over two houses (Albert Street/Valley Views)
High organisational capabilities
Skilled van driver for PD loading
Capable of working all shifts at Albert Street and AM and PM Shifts at Valley Views.

Mental Health

Intentional Peer Support worker
Formatting and running the Mid Central Like Minds Like Mine contract
Team Building (recruitment and training)
WRAP training
Have a vibrant affinity with fellow Tangata Whaiora.
Currently running a radio show on Access Radio for Mental Health features (called What’s On Top)

Office Administration
MS Office Products - All
Many common software and applications
CD Writer
Desktop Publishing
Internet operations
Database management
Training and Training Development

Employment Summary

July 2015 – current

Online counselling for at risk mental health clients.

November 2011 to July 2015.

ID/PD Casual worker at Albert Street and Valley Views

June 2011 – current
Intentional Peer Support at Journeys To Wellbeing/ Pono Team Leader

October 2010 – June 2011
Like Minds Like Mine Manawatu/Horowhenua Team Leader

October 2007 – 2010
Casual presenter for Like Minds Like Mine Manawatu and student. Nutters Club.

January 2006 – October 2007

September 2005 – January 2006
Night Supervisor/Security at the Shepherds Rest Boarding House and
Events Security for Manawatu Showground

March 2003 – September 2005
Writer/Poet/Mental Health Counselor Online

July 2002 – March 2003
On Call Postie - Foxton NZ Post Delivery Branch/ Mental Health Counselor Online

November 2001 - February 2002
Assistant Greenkeeper, Waitemata Golf Club

May 2001 - November 2001
Bookwriting (Electronic) - Navy

August 2000 - May 2001
Caretaker Instructor, HMNZS Ngapona – administration, storekeeping, digital museum artifacts keeping, budget controller.

April 1990 - August 2000
Mine Counter Measures Chief Petty Officer
Database Manager, Training Developer,
Instructor, Project Development, Job and
Safety Inspector, Side Scan Sonar Expert, Systems Analyst.

Work History
November 2011 to July 2015

ID/PD at MASH Trust

2011 to Now
Intentional Peer Support worker with upwards of 6 regualr clients a week, plus others in the community on a voluntary basis. Pono Team Leader.

2010 – 2011
Like Minds Like Mine Team Leader for Manawatu/Horowhenua/Tararua districts until MoH closed contract.

2006 to 2010.
Mainly writing skills, with presenting at seminars as well, including Like Minds Like Mine doing both Hearing Voices and Stigma and Discrimination. Also completed 6 out of 8 papers at Massey, studying for a BA in English.

September 2005 – 2006
Security, Food handling, Cash and Eftpos transactions, residential enquiries and assistance.

July 2002 – March 2003
Mail sorting and delivery Foxton/Foxton Beach, OSH representative Mail Room.

November 2001 - February 2002
Assistant Greenkeeper - included Fairway, rough and surrounds mowing, course maintenance, tree pruning, bunker construction and maintenance, pin and tee placements. Gained experience with specialist mowers and tractors, digger, chainsaws.

May - November 2001
Bookwriting (Electronic)
Rewriting a 21 year old Instruction Manual, requiring research, contacting key personnel, identifying data no longer in vogue, incorporating amendments, formatting to electronic medium, recreating electronic diagrams and tables, and proof reading.

August 2000 - May 2001
Caretaker Instructor, HMNZS Ngapona
Managing facilities maintenance, clothing orders, stores ordering and storage, budgetary maintenance, staff supervisor, Instructor, Travel arrangements, Occupational Health and Safety, computer system coordinator.

April 1992 - August 2000
Database Manager, Training Developer, Instructor, Project Development, Job and Safety Inspector
Conducted a large variety of Side Scan related tasks over the period. Became Navy field expert in the field of Mine Countermeasures. Heavily involved in computers including all MS products, as well as a variety of other survey software and hardware.


Annette Wagener
Team Leader
MASH Trust
Main Street
Palmerston North

06 355 7200

Chris Hocken
Manager Journeys To Wellbeing
BNZ Building
140 The Square
Palmerston North

Ph 06 355 3387


Covering Letter

         162 College Street

Palmerston North 4412


Halls Ltd.
Massey University
Palmerston North.

Application for Halls Group Careers Position

To whomever it may concern,

I am now ready to return to the workforce and as a long serving ex Navy Man I feel I have the requisite qualifications for the advertised Position.

As can be seen in the accompanying CV I have a great work ethic and am a loyal hardworking person.

I have a minor disability ( physical) and live daily with my Schizoaffective Disorder which is managed well and doesn't hamper moy work ethic. I thrive on hard work and required expertise (quick learner)

What do I offer? As above I am a Jack of All Trades and master of anything I choose to do for employment. I thrive on hard work and required expertise (quick learner)

Ka kite ano

Thane Zander
Palmerston North  

Thursday, 12 July 2018

The Numbers Ohakea.

Crunching some Numbers for RNZAF move from Base Whenuapai to Base Ohakea.

Procuring Land on the West side of the Base. about $10,000,000 +

1100 personnel needing about 1000 houses at $300k each = $300,000,000

Extra Classrooms in the local school  $$$???

Jobs for serving personnel spouses.  $$$???

A new Hotel and some Motels

Maybe 4 to 5 (or more) Hangars to fit New P8's and new C17's/C2's = around $5 million each - $25 million plus.
If it needs doing, be an opportunity during the Build to repave the runway.  $2,000,000ish

Oh and to add to the costs, moving all 1100 families.  Perhaps load CY at DNB with as much household items as possible and sail to Wellington and offload onto Army Trucks for journey to Ohakea???  Smaller stuff goes on Hercules (or replacements).

2000 VT Holden Commodore Olympic Edition 3791cc V6

Kia ora Steve, here are some videos for you of my Holden.


Wednesday, 11 July 2018

Vets at Sea Day Sitrep 11/7/2018

Vets at Sea Day

Remembrance Day - 11th November 2018

HDML Kuparu


0845 Vets Crew muster at HDML Kuparu (Yet to be decided – Bayswater Marina or Viaduct Basin)

0900 Vets arrive.

0915 Sail for A Buoy

1050 Arrive at A Buoy (High Water)

1111 Lay Wreaths in honour of those sailors weho failed to return home (A Buoy was chosen by Tony Lewis as the first and last points we sailors see of Auckland.)

1115 Courses for Motuihe Island Wharf

1235 Arrive Motuihe Island Wharf – Smally Eats/Goffa's/Tea/Coffee.

1300 Sail Motuihe Island – courses for Auckland Harbour Bridge – Cleaning stations

1450 Sail under the bridge – return to Bayswater Marina/Viaduct Basin.

1500 Berth – off load Veterans and volunteers – By road to Navy Museum

1515 Arrive Navy Museum – view exhibits/chat with Museum Staff

1600 To Ngataringa for semi formal dinner.

1700 Rum Issue

1730 Disperse.


We have a Give a Little Page running for donations. We hope to raise $1500 which will cover all expenses for the day co-nsisting of:

Wreaths x 2 $200

Luncheon on Kuparu $100

Kuparu Fees (Fuel/Berthing) $300

Rum $120

Dinner $300 (covering Vets and crew, a suggestion was made by Margaret Mitchell that we open the Dinner to other vets who will pay their way – about $20 a head. We won't know costs of food until Rebecca Brierton comes dack with them.

20 Personalised Commemorative T Shirts for both Crew members and Guests. If I haven't contacted you asking for your specific details, drop me a line. See the pics at end of this epistle. $600ish

If we have $$$ left over fom the Give a Little page it will be donated to Kuparu's upkeep if everyone agrees??

We will have 9 vets crewing and 10 vets as guests. So far we have four names for guests and we will also be asking for new crew as some originals have had to cancel. Watch this space.

We have shifted the eligibility a bit in line with the hui held last weekend. The ML is small, but comfortable with the exception of internal ladders and toilet locations so Vets (both crew and guests) need to have good mobility and sound mind. Originally we were targetting 75 – 85 year old vets, but have pulled it back to 70 to 75ish. I am 59 and still wear Hatch and Ladder Bruises. If you know any vets that would jump at the chance to go to sea again, drop me a line.

The T Shirts (rough draft – Al Sinclair is doing a quote at the moment.) The front is just an indicator Al has a better one which shows the whole of Kuparu.

Tuesday, 10 July 2018

Make It So - my journey in Brief

1. A suitable and unusual TITLE for such a book? Make it So
2. Chapters/articles on:
Why I decided to join? – Stories by sailors on this site.  My Dad's Bad Sides

Leaving home to join the Navy
My first time flying solo  Luckily I was a star struck kid and adventures ruled my life.

Training division (TD) – life as a trainee 
The wonderfully interesting POS Ernie Gray and new mates.

The TD instructors 
All of them were great for our journey forward.

The 3 Tamaki training establishments 
We had to deal with what we had as we knew nothing different.

Going to sea for the first time 
On Inverell Seamanship Training, my first taste of Steam and Lagging smells.
What a ship meant to a sailor  Home, work, play.

Life on the ocean wave 
Found early I was never going to get seasick.

Ceremonial events 
Colour Chief for Navy 50th in Palmerston North march past (home town) and being honoured by our great GI (Jack Donnelly if you don't remember) as Drum Chief in Wellington for laying to rest the colours

Operational Exercises at sea 
Kangaroo 2 over in Aussie on Canterbury, RAS Party on Monowai, Mine Countermeasures evolutions with Manawanui, and four Reserve IPCs,  numerous SAR's with same vessels.

24-hour work-up, RAN 
Not that I remember but doing our Navy Workup in Portland UK on Monowai was interesting.

R & R in foreign ports 
Way too many  but this poem I wrote on Monowai's trip back from UK was many an interesting port, all the Pacific Island Ports had very interesting runs. Poem is here :-  

Leaving and arrival home from deployments  I managed early on to balance work and home.  Essentially two persons.

The Navy wife  She was a thorough trooper, our lives were fraught with setbacks.  The girls are a tribute to her efforts.  Initially it took a while to not step on her routines.  Communication was our greatest ally.

Women in the RNZN  There were many women-like folks in the outfit anyway, we called them Big Girls Blouses.  Women at Sea was a fait accompli as the young male recruit was drying up.  Pleased to have trained the first Operational Branch Ladies, Luana Fa'aofo and Carmel Fitzgibbons (1988) and it was a pleasure serving in the SR Mess on Monowai with Sonia Dixon, Wendy Staples and Shirley Bush

Padres, GDs & GSH’s  Smudge Smith and  Buff Henry both long serving GD's (as they were known as then) in Tamaki and Flick the Fire Truck Driver in Philly.  Padre's North and Hill were interesting Padres.

Historical cartoons such as those by - I used to do dits and cartoons on Monowai as a killick.  Best one involved Wasp Pilot Dhobey Washer.  He had been all morning delivering Survey parties and equipment in the field, and arrived back after one sortee , parked the Wasp and sprinted to the wardroom heads.  In the middle of his Dump, the toilet blew back and covered him totally in shit and paper. He hadn't heard the earlier pipe that all heads were not to be used as they were blowing back.  Next day this unsigned cartoon appears on the Main Noticeboard with a large turd being straddled by the Pilot with a stick in his hand.  Everyone thought it was a hoot, except him lol.

Today’s Navy  As always the Navy is not about how we see it but how we make it happen.  A Poker Hand dealt 2 x twos is as potent as 2 Aces.

Swallowing the anchor. (retiring)  Regretfully my health meant an early exit, as I lost my security clearance stopping me from continuing my adopted Branch (MCM)  Before I was discharged I had the great pleasure of rewriting and digitising the RNZNVR Bible, which earned me a Commendation.  No regrets, but it did bug me as 2 years short of 30 and bar to long gong.

Life in civvy street Tough!! Very Tough, have been on an Invalids Benefit for 15 of the past 18 years. Have lived on the streets, been in an out of hospital, made friends only to find they weren't.  But throughout my Navy Discipline, and former camaraderie has stood me well.  I went to Uni,(doing a BA in English and Creative Writing) was a  casual postie (Foxton and Foxton Beach) a security guard at a Doss house (as well as being a resident).  From 2002 to 2010 my boon was my writing, and from 2011 Blogging (over 400 to date)  Thankfully this face book page came into being and wow!!  Bloody ripper.  I sit here thinking I am back in 3Echo Mess on CY!!

What the RNZN taught us We are all useful, flexible and eventually expendable but remain undeniably everything Matelot

Our lives today  As stated, 3 Echo!!

Conclusion  Keep on Making It So!!

Nearly 90% of my poetry and short stories are here:-

Sunday, 8 July 2018

Black Watch (Haku) Videos

HDML Haku (aka Black Watch.)


Essentially Black Watch is a blank canvas. The fwd mess is stripped bare including the galley and all cabinets. The Wheelhouse is partially intact. The after cabin has just seats and basically The two aft cabins (Coxn and radio shack) are no longer there, the aft cabin is huge.) There is a shower, basin and toilet in the space aft this cabin.

The flying bridge has limited visibility and all helm and controls are in the wheelhouse. There is very limited controls in the wheelhouse.


Fwd Mess – as she is stripped bare pleanty of scope My thoughts were that we could fit 6 sets of bunks (or possibly one closed off double bed and 4 sets of bunks) and enough cabinets for clothes. The other option is 4 sets of bunks and a functional Shower/toilet.

The after cabin will have a galley (open plan) bar and seating for 10 so all socialising happens there.

Scott suggested he could sell her for $20k and pay him $10k to refurbish her which I think is a wise move. I'd gladly move to Aucks for the refit and work for free as long as I had accommodation/etc. He thinks he can get her to safe state for sea ($5k to slip her, do the hull and upper scuppers to seaworthy state for that $10k.

There is no denying there is a lot of work required the whole upperdeck is guano heaven. She is solid and dry, so good bones.

If you have any questions feel free to fire them my way.

To Add!!

There is a walkway from aft to fwd below decks through the Wheelhouse with a hatch to the engineroom also in the Wheelhouse.

And on the engines – twin D Series Ford Marines. Ideal for dawdling about as a yacht, but inadequate for ocean steaming. (I think Scott said 7 knots full tit.) She has two generators and is fitted for multiple fridges aft.

I have since revised the Fwd layout, taking into account a ladder fwd (more user friendly than ML's ones) so 2 sets of bunks starboard and the ladder going over the toilet. Shower Fwd Port side.

Also we'll need to put in Grey Water and Brown Water day tanks as well as all the plumbing (Maybe under each deck Fwd and Aft so no plumbing through bulkheads.)

Oh and on Tanks, both Diesel and Water tanks need large scale refurbishment.

Blank Canvas means plenty of work (= $$$) But you get a great platform to customise.

Tuesday, 26 June 2018

My Video Tribute to 8 Roger Waters songs

I have always been a Roger Waters fan, be it in Pink Floyd or solo. In 2008 I chose what I consider to be his best songs and created videos (using Windows Moviemaker)  I then posted them in Youtube for prosperity.  Click the links below to view.

1st up - The Gunnersdream

2nd is Every Strangers Eyes

3rd is Flickering Flame

4th is Too Much Rope

5th is Nobody Home

6th is Mother 

7th is Folded Flags

and lastly Who needs Information

Saturday, 16 June 2018

The General Grant - Gold Hunting Dream

Sooooo who wants a share of $5million?  The Gold Bullion supposed to be on the Wreck of the General Grant in the Auckland Islands is still unaccounted for. Here is my plan.

Buy this Baby (yes you recognise it) ($980K)

(very more luxurious than our days)


Autonomous Side Scan Sonar

ROV platform

4 Divers with deep diving capability

Maritime Magnetometer.

Underwater metal detectors for Divers

Portable Underwater Suction Dredge
Estimate spending maximum of $1.8 million (buy Takapu, hire major equipment, pay crew) for a possible $4,744,992 return if all gold is recovered.  Should see 10 crew rewarded with even shares ($300k each)

Now I see all you matelots jumping at a chance of surveying Auckland Islands again.  I AM!!

There will be Rum.

Thursday, 14 June 2018

Weather Bomb - Whitianga August 1978

In Whitianga, between July and September 1978, the Royal New Zealand Navy had two boats and personnel stationed there for the Mercury Bay Survey Boat Camp (crewed by Monowai crews and stationed at a motel right on the waterfront.).  It was by and large a fun period as we were stationed in a beachfront motel and had a great working day and even better nights.

However, we also experienced a super-storm in August which saw seawater inundating the beachfront and harbour.  For a few days we spent time sandbagging both.

Whitianga during this stage of the storm was without power so we had the BBQ going non stop and were feeding volunteers as well as our own troops.

Meola - Navy tender, (former lighthouse Tender)
Penguin (former Lachlan boat and Tamaki Boatyard tender)

The following two images were taken during a dry patch of rain, the outdoor kitchen in full swing. A few hours earlier and the floodwaters were knee deep.

Sunday, 10 June 2018

Streamlining Government Bureaucracy

  Were you aware that from the time the Doctor or Midwife smacked your butt you were a statistic.  IRD have that taken care of, sure you don't get it right away but it's put aside for those under the age of 16 and working.

Click here for IRD instructions.

We all know that from his event onward you are a government statistic (IRD/WINZ/CYPF et al)  IRD is covered but the others aren't as such, especially three other statistics - Voter Registration, Super and ACC.  Surely to stop bureaucracy ruling the day and making folks scratch their head in frustration make your IRD the only Serial Number for all.  When you apply for your IRD number, IRD should issue you a Card that encompasses all Government business with the General Public, essentially from the Cradle to the Grave.

Tuesday, 15 May 2018

Petty Officer Stoker Robert Brissenden Deceased 1912.

We mostly forget our fallen Comrades not in a war capacity.  There are Sailors Graves dotted all around our shorelines.  And PO Stoker Robert Brissendon is one.  If they are known then more often than not their details surrounding their passing are not known.

Thanks to Ex Droggy Stephen Green answering a call for details of this unlucky man we have a picture.

Click Here for Greenies Facebook page complete with an image of Roberts Headstone at Elmslie Bay,

And Click here for his Coroners Inquest. (Papers Past)

Click here for Press Papers Past inquest.

 Be cool to post our other Sailors Graves.

 Robert Brissenden PO Stoker Second Class Crossed the Bar August 1912 whilst surveying Admiralty Bay onboard Terra Nova (Robert Falcon Scott's Antarctic Exploration vessel.)

Click here for Navy Today coverage of Endeavours crew tending the grave October 2016.

You can either post a reply here (anonymous and it won't appear until I moderate) or reply in the FB Post.

Tena Koe whanau.

Thursday, 10 May 2018

The Big Red and White - a Bel Air survives

My tribute to a classic piece of Machinery. The Chevrolet Bel Air.

The Big Red and White.

There is my baby, shiny red and white,
Parked in the driveway
Waiting for the moment,
When we head out on the highway,
And valiantly skite,
V8 roaring, benzene smells great,
See the world shine in her chromium plate.

She’s lacquered all over from bonnet to boot,
And gleaming in splendour,
Front and rear fender,
The object of my life long lust and love,
My Chevy Bel Air,
Stick shift with four on the floor,
Me and my darling take off in a roar.

Cruising down backstreets and the main road,
Arm out the window,
Wind in my hair,
Just cruising and moving without a care,
And chicks they see her,
And wonder in awe,
If they can get in her and feel that roar.

Luxury leather so red and replete,
White rolled piping,
Adorning the seat,
Smells of the old days so great and so straight,
AM radio playing rock and roll,
Etching that sound
Deep into my soul and driving the pedal on down.

I wonder why we call our cars she,
When this one I feel
Is an extension of me.
Its power and its might totally mine,
So why is the stigma,
Of a she car so strong,
When I am a boy car that has lasted so long.

Heads turn in wonder at the blast from the past,
Their eyes hotly blinded,
By the chrome plated babe,
And their memories reminded of simpler times too,
When the crime rate was low,
And cars went so slow,
And everyone smiled because times were so good.

Songs oft written then that feature few words,
Penned for dancing,
And late night romancing,
And a snuggle in a Bel Air overlooking the beach,
But those days have passed,
And the innocent be blasted,
By the advent of communications and the populist way.

The sixties saw my Bel Air become a junk heap,
All painted in slogans
About love, hate, and peace,
And the dope that was smoked in her ruined seats,
She was built strong and tough,
And could handle the rough,
And rode out the storm of uncertainty then.

Some kid in the seventies found her broken and beat,
And moved to his backyard,
The Bel Air off the street,
And restoration started that would take ages to end,
Money so tight
Cause the disco was so right,
And the car become a love shack at the end of the night.

Decay was so eminent when it moved to the beat,
Of rappers and scrappers,
Vying to compete,
A Rapper called Bel Air MC was on the prowl,
For a prop for a video,
To rap with his crew, y'all know
And the car was repainted and dented beyond hope.

In a junk yard a dog pissed against a white wall,
Of a Chevy Bel Air
Left in disrepair,
But the smell of the leather and a gleam of some red,
Forced a middle aged man,
To resurrect a dream,
And for ten long years laboured to restore the gleam.

So when you see my baby driving down the street,
Don’t look at the car man,
Don’t look at me,
But look at the past glory of another bygone time,
Imagine the lives
And the struggles survived,
And look at the Bel Air as a window to your past.
And on a final note, one not to be repeated,
I joyfully confess, mate,
On the sounds she makes,
I have placed a CD audio rack beneath the seat,
And I cruise the streets,
Tapping fingers and feet,
Blissfully happy to my favourite Roger Waters tracks.