Saturday, 3 November 2018

Muse Poetry - 2018 reprise.

The Ribbonwood Lane Reprise.

Down Ribbonwood Lane, the ladies did stray
the children and buses on their way
the cloudless sky joins the fray
the days when love abounds.

Down Ribbonwood Lane the Jesuits do ply,
their daily trade as cars whiz by,
parishioners set to live and die
days when life resounds.

Down Ribbonwood Lane the cattle do chew
pastures of chaff and Ribbonwood stew,
the children just don’t know what to do,
days when longing is bound.

Down Ribbonwood Lane the cars drive past,
the longer the laughter the bigger the blast,
the food at McDonalds exorbitantly fast,
days when rogues are found.

Down Ribbonwood Lane the cycle of life
the lonely vagabond causing strife
a butcher waves his cutting knife
days when ladies are profound.

Down Ribbonwood Lane a painting is born
the hunter puffs on his Hunting Horn,
the lost children all forlorn
days when babies compound.

Down Ribbonwood Lane the skies are Black
the welcome sign says “Welcome back”,
the herding chains sag so slack,
days when basketballs rebound.

Down Ribbonwood Lane the lights shine bright,
such is the feeling deep in the night,
the cars turn left, then turn right,
days when night sounds.

Why Don’t God Speak to Me

Mummy, why don’t God talk to me?
I mean I pray, and beseech him
and I never hear him answer,

yet Daddy and you and I go to church
and we sing and praise and pray
yet still God don’t wanna talk to me.

Daddy, does God talk to you at all,
I mean you’re a man of God, like Mummy
you both have a good time glory hallelujah,

and both have good lives, has God ever talked to you?

Dear God, I’m praying to you still
I’m no longer 8, now a stoic 17
but you knew that, now didn’t you,

I’m getting paranoid all the time
wondering when you will answer
whether I’m worthy of your kingdom

if such a kingdom exists!!

Dear Old Fella Up Top, I’m 49 now
I think I heard you when I went mad
such a sad time to be the ambulance
stuck well and truly at the bottom of the cliff.

Hole in a Fine Wig

Someone stole my hole, bereft I be
it’s wholesale slaughter of epic proportions
as I loll neath the bole in my favourite tree.
Darkness draws coal in a fire hole
where flames leap and dance
sort of hyperbole of the cakehole.

Someone rigged my wig with fine hair
a wiggle here and there, I don’t give a fig
to sate myself, I take a swig of Twigs fine brew
there is a fine Brig holding drunk sailors
who think it’s big of them to be there
I rig myself with the days distrust and swig again.

Someone stole my fine line, a beauty to be sure
the wine in the casket echoes my attire finery,
a refined gentleman I be, that’s thine stance,
it’s doubly difficult the tine on the fork says
as romantics dine on salad and tuna, sublime
the refinery pumps out more juice for thirsty workers.

Wednesday, 10 October 2018

The Northerner, September 1975 - a Poem

The Northerner, September 1975

Hick kid on a full platform,
Palmerston North emblazoned
on a smoked stained sign,
empty cups of tea on seats
where passengers sat,
the cold at 8.30pm evident
as Mum and Dad wave me off,
Mums tears hidden by a warm smile
back to Auckland for me,
young sailor heading back to work.

The sounds of carriages graunch together
as the locomotive takes the slack
and pulls out of the station, slowly
then building as city lights give in to
scattered splatterings of farms, dark
in the night, I sit on hardened worn
leather and wood, sparse, uncomfortable
my bed for the night, and the smell
of diesel fumes waft down the carriage
and starts to drift people off to sleep.

All the carriages are full, young, old
and all those in between, and I am in
a carriage of quiet, not my scene
for the long journey ahead, so I stand
and walk back, back to the rear carriages
the party buses, "gats" out
the songs flowing with amber fluid
and the harder stuff, to fight the cold,
I sit, unfold my prize, 26 ounces
of black gold, Coruba rum, and they strum,

Fielding.... Hunterville....Utuku........

strumming songs from the Maori Hit Parade,
Ten Guitars, Sheryl Moana Marie, and we
are all friends on the journey of night,
cold night and soon the bottle empties
warming my vocals and now freindships,


and a mad dash for all to the Taihape Hotel,
fighting your way through the Ten O'clock melee
of Holden V8's and Black Power boys
crowding the pub with their ever presence,
their place, but we nightly invaders struggle
(always a struggle), to do it in the 14 minutes
those who drank tea took to eat a pie
and down their Railways Cup brew,
but we all seemed to make it, tea and booze
and the rest who spent the time to snooze.


and the cold hits you, as soldiers came and went
round the vast darkness of a mountain asleep
and Ohakune, the compulsory stop
where crews changed, northbound/southbound
and the party went on, liquid fire.

National Park..........

I had never seen it , until I drove it one day,
years later on the daylight railcar,
Raurimu Spiral, feat of engineering
and kiwi ingenuity, round and round
and up and down, a splendour once viewed,

Taumaranui........Te Kuiti.........Otorohonga.......

towns that existed due to the very rails
that passed through them, stock towns
heartland New Zealand, but darkened by
the night trains ritual, and sleeping,
yet the party wore on as the grog dies,

Te Awamutu....... Hamilton......... Ngauruawahia.........

and the clickety click of bogeys on the bridge
over the mighty Waikato soon had sleep
burgeoning and the rest of the trip was
one of comfort, booze addled comfort
and to this day I look at those seats, and wonder

Huntly........ Pokeno........... Papakura..........

places I slept through, and never met,
and then the stop, the silence, Auckland
and the early morning bustle of light and
commuter traffic, life again, and work so soon
and I have survived another trip on the train.

The Northerner, may you rest in peace, New Zealand Icon

Tuesday, 25 September 2018

Navy related Blogs by Thane "Zaps" Zander

Below are the links to all my Navy Related Blogs on my blogsite.  Click on each text to open.

I would appreciate any feedback on topics, typos, and content.  I have done my best to keep it readily understood be it Grammar and or writing style. There is a space at the end of this blog to post your thoughts/comments etc.  You can comment as Anonymous or your own name.  If that is too hard to get your head around My email is or my Facebook Messenger (Thane W Zander)

Ka kite ano

Thane "Zaps" Zander

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Monday, 24 September 2018

The Stats Game - Senior Blackcaps 2018/19

Kane is on 5338 test runs and 5156 ODI runs.  He would be going close to 6000 and 5500 runs for each by April next year.

Ross is currently on 6281 test runs and 7261 ODI runs.  He could push on to 7000 test runs and 7500+ ODI runs.

BJ is heading into new territory, about to hit 200 dismissals and heading even further with his batting (test only) currently with 2387. has a chance to get to 2800+ (Smith made 1815 and Parore 2865)

Tim is soldiering on and racking up stats.  He has 220 Test wickets and 176 ODI wickets, so expect his share the loot with Neil and Trent.

Trent is on a roll.  Has currently 215 wickets in tests and 122 ODI runs.  Can he push 280 test wickets before April 2019?
Talking Rocking and Rolling - Neil is on a rapid spiral upwards with his wickets.  Currently has 149 test wickets.

Thursday, 13 September 2018

Pigs, Dogs, the Ozone Layer & the Enigma of Humans.

Pigs, Dogs, the Ozone Layer & the Enigma of Humans.

Ernest wallowed around in his pen, lapping the mud up onto all parts of his opulent porcine flesh. He was happy. His pen was empty today and he could enjoy his 9th birthday in relative peace. He rolled over, smearing more mud onto his back, gave a joyful flick of his ears, and settled down to a mid-afternoon nap, looking forward to the pleasant thought of more slops from the trough in an hour or so.

The sun beat down, trying with extreme difficulty to permeate the stench ridden mud on Ernests back and side. Some of it managed to fight its way through to the pinkish flesh, UV rays biting deep into the exposed epidermis. Ernest didnt really care! He could burn as much as wanted to today, he was nine after all. It didnt concern him that there was ozone depletion in process. Nobody tells pigs anything anyway.

He heard the soft padded footfalls approaching the pen from the barn, and raised an ear to monitor the progress of whatever was nearing his enclosure. He could tell from the rapid motion of the sound that the interruption was four legged, and probably Seymour, the Border Collie. Bugger, he thought, the last thing I want to do today is converse at length with some demented sheep dog on the merits of chasing ones tail.

Ernest feigned sleep, ensuring his tail switched just enough to indicate to anyone watching that he was deep in sleep, slowing his breathing to provide further evidence of his subconscious state. Hopefully, Seymour would be dissuaded enough not to waken him up.

"Hey Ernest, I know youre awake," yapped Seymour. "What ya doing?"

Ernest settled down even further into replicated deep sleep pattern, hopping the dog would be fooled. This bloody collie could be damned persistent though.

"Ernest, I have some news for you. Wake up," he yapped, even louder than the first time. Ernest knew it was useless.

"Yes, you moron, what do you want? Something about some news did I hear you say."

Ernest pulled his bulk over to his belly, placing his legs strategically under his body, and used his powerful leg muscles to push his 400 pounds onto his cleft hooves. Just to give the dog a bit of an insight as to his annoyance at being disturbed from his reverie, he emitted a loud belching grunt, and let rip with a well aimed fart in the direction of the dog for good measure.

Seymour backed away a little, the strong smell creating an injurious assault on his sensitive nostrils, and setting his stomach off in small nauseous coughs. He moved to the upwind side of the pen, and squatted on his back legs, waiting for the pig to approach him.

"Yes, Seymour, you bloody cur, you have my attention. What is so damned important as to wake me on this fine day?"

"Do you know why you are in your pen today, by yourself?" asked the dog, a malicious sneer spreading across his features. His mischievous behaviour was disturbing Ernest. Seymour was normally a peacefully honest working dog, only taken to occasionally playing pranks on his penned mates. Ernest was puzzled though.

"Come on, spit it out." demanded Ernest, "you obviously know something that affects me."
"Well, I was up at the farmers cottage earlier, sniffing the backside of that suave Snookie, you know, the white poodle that lives up there, and she kept on giving me the come on. So I tried to get on for the ride of my life, and the farmers wife comes out of the house and gives me a good stiff kick on my hindquarters, just as I was about to you know?." Seymour turned his head towards his tail, licking the ruffled fur on his rump, the target area. He looks back and continues. "Anyway, I hightailed it around the house and hid under the veranda, licking my wound. Guess who else was under there?
Ernest cocked his head to the side, signalling for the collie to continue, as he no doubt would.
"Jasmine and Sooty, those two cats that spend all their time locked up inside the house." said Seymour, with mock surprise.

Those two cats outside? What did this mean, thought Ernest.
"Outside?" quizzed the pig, somewhat perplexed by the relevance of this information.
"Yeah, seems they got caught doing it on the ladys bed and were banished. Anyway, they were talking about something when I interrupted them. They asked what I was doing under the veranda, and told them my tale, whereby they told me theirs. We shared a little laugh, then Sooty pipes up and asks me Do I know why all the pigs, sheep, and cattle have been sent away? And I replied I didnt know they had."

At the mention of his porcine mates, Ernest pricked his ears, to listen to what the dog was about to say. Something important had happened, and he wasnt aware of it.
"Go on," he said.

Just as the dog was about to continue, a loud human vocal explosion erupted from the farmhouse, the farmer obviously discontent with something he had done. The sound of "Bugger it, damn, Boop, bugger bum Beep!" Ripped through the still country air. The animals in the vicinity of the tirade cringed in fear. The master was not a good person to be round when he was like this. Then another tirade "Bloody ignorant fools, when are they going to get it? I ask six simple questions and all I get is Beeping fools, Beeping madmen, and Cool Slurping idiots replying, thinking the world is created for their mother beeping pleasure!" Silence ensues as he settles down again to his business.

Seymour, whod laid down at the outburst, crawls over to the pen, closer to the pig to finish his revelation. He bunches his strong sleek leg muscles for a quick getaway, in case the pig decides to assail his nose again.

"The master has apparently changed his ideals. Polly was sitting in the study, watching him on his computer, reading some stuff, and he turned around and started talking to the parrot as if Polly would understand. Which of course she does. Anyway, he says to her I am now a vegetarian, no more grazing animals creating holes in the ozone layer with their methane emissions, no more killing animals for humans to digest and get sick on, no more chemicals to assist with the rapid growth of the grass, and no more guilt. I am becoming an environmentally friendly farmer. Polly says she was bemused by the context of what he was saying but he seemed dead serious."

Seymour leapt to his feet, moved around the pen to the water trough and lapped up some discoloured water. Man, he got thirsty when he talked. Ernest followed him over and had a drink himself, just for good measure. The story was going to be long, and he felt, important to his longevity.

"Anyway," continued the dog, "Polly says the master then rings up some cartage company and overnight they take all the animals away. He then rang an organic hydroponics distributor and signs up the farm for organic growing of vegetables. Bizarre. Im out of work, you survive for some reason, and the world changes because of some computer information. Theres no figuring these humans." concludes the dog.

"Yeah, no figuring," replies a pensive Ernest. "Why have they kept me then, do you think?"

"Well, they kept four cattle and one pig, so my guess is he is happy to have some animals around to help with the natural fertiliser, if you get my drift." Seymour responds. He can be quite insightful at times, thinks the collie.

Ernest muses over this information. Of, course, I am to be kept as a faeces production plant! How ignoble. I am going to grow old by producing piles of crap for the vegetable gardens. Oh, woe is me, no more meat in my scraps! I am an omnivore, I need meat. Why do the decisions of humans have to affect us bloody animals all the time?

He wondered, then, why pigs couldnt fly, because if he could, he would be out of there in a jiffy. Then he thought, a flying pig! Huh, would have to have a wingspan the size of a small Cessna to carry my large frame around.

The pig dismisses Seymour, thanking him for his discourse, and settles down once again. He makes sure that his mud caked body is revitalised of its natural sunscreen, and sets off thinking about the changes that have chanced upon him. OK, no more mates to grunt with, no more sows to try it on with, no little ones to piss him off, and a pen to himself. Not a problem. But the meat scraps, that was a problem. But if it meant that the ozone layer would close up and negate the need for him to cake himself in mud, so be it. But the weirdest of things was the challenge it presented to the humans. They could make a small difference by killing all the grazing animals, but how on earth were they going to kill their transportation animals, those metallic objects they drove around in. And were they capable of not growing onions and capsicum and other spices and vegetables that made them fart. He thought not!

These humans were a bloody enigma, he thought, as he went to sleep, in his pen, by himself, under the bright mid afternoon sun.

Wednesday, 29 August 2018

Populating the Earth - contagian

1927 - 2,000,000,000
33 years later  -  (1960) 3,000,000,000
14 years later - (1974)  4,000,000,000
13 years later  -  (1987) 5,000,000,000
12 years later  - (1999) 6,000,000,000
12 years later - (2011)  7,000,000,000
Current is 7,632,000,000

Clear to see that the Population in over 100 years has exploded (more than doubled)??

Why??   - food, health and governance.  Is it too many or when will it be considered too many??

Sunday, 26 August 2018

A few resurrected poems.

Seven Degrees of Sea

1° Beauty

Look around, nary a sound,
Twinkling sparkling millpond,
Light dancing, no breath of wind,
Paradise before you,
Deep blue mirrors sky's hue,
Clarity supreme!
See bullet-like fish
dart and dash 
for metres and leagues down.

2° Paradise mottled.

Wind breaks the calm of seas balm,
yet still no harm,
little ripples do break the serenity, 
still paradise
not quite as nice but panorama
is churned, greyish tint
The blue is less clear, 
Fish not there.

3° Paradise broken.

Grey clouds whipped by strongish gusts,
waves rolling
Whitecaps strolling incessantly,
Blue turns to dark green
picture once serene
now crazy with churning spume
clarity lost, murky water
Thoughts darkened by the haze
Cloudy wind-filled days.

4° Crestfallen

Swells building, waves breaking, CRASH,
wind whips water
mad dashes across the surface
Black roiling cloudbanks, close the gloom,
leaves no room
for the fainthearted, motion started
sea boiling green and white
as stomach fights the crests and troughs
Battle soon lost.

5° Gut wrenching.

Death is near, no ocean clear,
Lunch is sent spewing
misery ensuing
As clouds now speed across your vision,
Gales, high wind precision
Swells stand up and confront
the fear of your dread,
White anger, grey green broth
Merciless ocean whipped to froth.

6° Passion Play

For as far as the maddening eye sees,
unrelenting danger
assails the stranger to the power of the sea,
Clouds one big procession,
wind obsession, your life at the mercy
of powers far greater,
and sooner or later the boat will sway
and rock and toss, and moronically ride
out the oceans passion play.

7° Natural Forces

You ride the Dancing Horses, on forces
not meant to be,
no one conquers the Sea,
but feel it's power and it's serenity,
be it Paradise, or majestic Glory,
take from it what you must
Revile it, revel in it's touch,
It will treat you, natures power
as it wishes, by Seven Degrees,
The Seas.

Rusty Car bodies Operetta in K Minor

Ok, so I wander junk yards,
looking at the majesty of what has been,
wondering at the past lives
each rotting hulk has to offer.

The colours are much the same
red's, browns, blues and greens
and the white of vans still unseen.

There’s a tale or two I assure you
but most hark back to my days of driving,
the behaviour of each vehicle mapped
in eternity, just so I can replay it, like now.

Maybe it's God's piano, the scrapheap
playing things over in K Minor
just so he can say OK,
and another life passes by on a dead highway.

I feel privileged if that's the case
to have heard his tune
seen his moon
under which all those heaps lose colour
and become a symphony of grey.

The Jesus conspiracy.

Regulations stated no questions please
about Jesus and a possible conspiracy,
stated that Moses couldn’t be challenged
even though he parted a huge sea!

Statutes state Man must follow the One God
and his Prophets – yes two - Jesus and Mohammed,
must never question the written accounts
of the lives these men begat upon society.

I know Love, of woman in my arms
not the love of fellow man, it’s sad really
but I treat my fellows as equals
no superior or subordinate as the case may be.

I’ve read the Bible, three times now yet still
the meaning of hidden messages don’t jump
and hit me square in the face, yet I follow God,
but neither of the prophets, too many wars.

Thursday, 23 August 2018

New Defense hardware announcements today. 23/8/2018

HMNZS Aotearoa Keel Laying.

Hyundi Heavy Industries Lay Keel

Hyundai Heavy Industries hosted a keel laying ceremony for the Royal New Zealand Navy’s future tanker HMNZS Aotearoa at its shipyard in Ulsan, South Korea, on August 13.
Aotearoa’s keel laying consisted of more than 500 tonnes of carefully constructed keel blocks being positioned together in the dry dock, where she will continue to expand upwards and outwards until her launch date early next year.
Aotearoa represents the first of a new fleet of RNZN ships built specifically to address the global requirements of the New Zealand Defence Force and government agencies for deployment from Antarctica to the Arabian Gulf.
The keel laying ceremony took place some seven months after first steel was cut for the New Zealand Navy’s largest vessel ever.
This is an exciting time for our Navy,” said Chief of Navy Rear Admiral John Martin.
“It is filled with challenges and opportunities as we ready ourselves for Aotearoa, as well as our modernized frigates. It is these three ships on which our combat capability will be based.”
HMNZS Aotearoa is designed to provide logistical support to New Zealand and coalition maritime, land and air units.
Her primary purpose is to conduct fuel resupply but she will also be capable of supplying dry goods, water, spare parts or ammunition. Her missions will include humanitarian and disaster relief, support to United Nations security operations, support to a coalition naval task group and Antarctic resupply.
The 173.2-meter-long ship will have the ability to carry 12 20-foot shipping containers, high-capacity freshwater generation plants, self-defense systems, aviation and marine fuel cargo tanks, dual all-electric replenishment-at-sea rigs and will be able to carry a Seaspite or NH90 helicopter. Aotearoa will displace 26,000 tonnes and will be operated by a crew of 64.
The ship’s $493 million price tag includes the tanker’s enhanced “winterization” capabilities, such as ice-strengthening for operations in Antarctica, including resupplying McMurdo Station and Scott Base. Predecessor tanker HMNZS Endeavour was not Antarctic-capable. Thankd Red M for the article
And announcement of purchased Hydro/Dive vessel.

New Vessel for Hydrographic and Diving

The New Zealand government has approved NZ$103 million for the purchase and refit of a second-hand multi-role offshore support vessel that will be used as a dive and hydrographic support vessel by the Royal New Zealand Navy.
Following purchase, the 85-meter Norwegian-built survey vessel MV Edda Fonn will be outfitted with the dive and hydrographic systems required by the defense force.
MV Edda Fonn will replace hydrographic ship HMNZS Resolution and dive support ship HMNZS Manawanui. The two vessels were decommissioned from the RNZN in 2012 and 2018 respectively, following several decades of service.
“This vessel will ensure that the current capability gaps for diving and hydrography are filled as quickly as possible, with a proven, well tested platform,” says Minister of Defence Ron Mark.
The ship is scheduled to be delivered to Devonport Naval Base in May 2019. It will feature a 100t salvage crane, a remotely operated vehicle and a contemporary dynamic positioning system, which will allow Navy’s specialist divers to achieve greater levels of effectiveness and safety, in a greater range of conditions.
The New Zealand Navy was initially scheduled to receive a custom, new-build vessel but an NZ$148 million cost blowout in the country’s frigate upgrade project forced the government to consider a used vessel.
Defense officials identified the MV Edda Fonn, owned and operated by Norwegian company Østensjø Rederi, as the most suitable option from an initial list of over 150 candidate offshore and subsea support vessels.
“Defence officials have subjected the Edda Fonn to considerable scrutiny ahead of purchase,” says Ron Mark. “We have been assured by independent experts that it is in excellent condition, and will handle well in the operations the Defence Force will use it for,” says Ron Mark.
The vessel generally operates in the North Sea, and is under lease until the end of 2018, following which the modification process will begin.
Once delivered, final modifications will be undertaken in New Zealand. It is expected that New Zealand industry will be involved in this part of the project. The ship is expected to be in service with the Navy by November 2019.
The NZ$103 million project budget is for the purchase, modifications and introduction into service. Thanks Red M for the article.
Both articles from the RNZN Communicators website.

This section is based on information gleaned from Navy Today.  Manawanui is being delivered March 2019 by the owners.

Thing that raised my eyebrow was the flight deck size and could our Seasprite fit.  In the article it stated the Super Puma Helo was the largest that could fit on her.  The Super Puma is slightly bigger.

Hope you lot can read pre Decimal/new Decimal as that is how I found them and can't be fu***d converting them all!!

Super Puma Helicoptor (Used in North Sea with New Manawanui)

General characteristics
  • Crew: 2
  • Capacity: 24 passengers plus attendant
  • Length: 16.79m (main body), 18.7m (with rotors turning) (55 ft 0½ in, 61 ft 5in)
  • Rotor diameter: 16.20 m (53 ft 1½ in)
  • Height: 4.97 m (16 ft 4 in)
  • Disc area: 206.12 m² (2,217 ft²)
  • Empty weight: 4,660 kg (10,274 lb)
  • Useful load: 4,490 kg (9,899 lb)
  • Max. takeoff weight: 9,150 kg (20,172 lb)
  • Powerplant: 2 × Turbomeca Makila 1A2 turboshaft, 1,376 kW (1,845 shp) each

Hope you lot can read pre Decimal/new Decimal.

Seasprite SH- G (RNZAF)

General characteristics
  • Crew: 3 (Pilot, Co-pilot/Tactical Coordinator (TACCO), Sensor Operator (SENSO))
  • Length: 52 ft 7 in (15.9 m)
  • Rotor diameter: 44 ft 0 in (13.41 m)
  • Height: 15 ft 6 in (4.72 m)
  • Disc area: 1520.53 sq ft (141.26 sq m)
  • Empty weight: 7,040 lb (3,193 kg)
  • Max. takeoff weight: 12,800 lb (5,805 kg)
  • Rotor systems: 4 blades on main rotor and tail rotor
  • Powerplant: 2 × General Electric T58-GE-8F turboshaft, 1,350 shp (1,007 kW) each


What the Ministry of Defense think they have bought.

What the Government has paid for!!


Click on this Link for announcement from Admiral John Martin.

Latest Navy Today has announced the new Commanding Officer for HMNZS Manawanui.

LtCdr Andy Mahoney is a former RN'er who transferred here after being on Exchange as Fleet Warfare Officer and PWO/XO of HMNZS Te Mana.  We all wish him well!! 

Btw there is a very good article on Manawanui.  "Clear as Mud" as we say.