Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Who be falling on their Sword - NZ Football

Sadly I was right. Fall and Fall of NZ Football.  Last November out of pure chance, I checked the current standing of the National Team which resulted in that blog.  Nothing happened.  Then late December All Whites Coach Anthony Hudson made it very public how he felt about the state of NZ Football.  NZFootball's Andy Martin followed soon after with his thoughts, suggesting things are ok.

So things continue, seemingly all good.  Then mid January the Wellington Phoenix announce with glee the transfer from Birmingham City to Nix of striker Alex Jones.  AWESOME!!  So everyone is cockahoop and folks go and do what they have to do, supposedly.  But like all things coated in gold chocolate, the shit hit the fan!!

What appears to be huge misfortune, with neither The Nix or NZF apportioning blame or taking responsibility, Alex Jones misses out on a juicy contract and the organisations that are The Nix and NZF are not only walking around trying to find fault, but also are looked at longingly by the sporting public with a state of conjecture and ridicule.

Taking you back to Anthony Hudson's outburst post Christmas.  One of his strongest comments and a sign that deep down NZF is an amateurish shemozzle.  In his words:

In the second year of a contract which takes him through until the end of the 2018 World Cup in Russia, Hudson is frustrated with what he perceives as a poor culture within New Zealand football circles and the fact the All Whites only played three games in 2015. 

And his summation is this, the Holiday culture evident in New Zealand football in coaching and administration is disturbing.  But also aligned with that was the lack of football (ironically the name of the sport) on the international stage and one not getting better (zero matches in the friendly window this year, apportioned to lack of funding to get teams here).  Maybe if all NZF teams went cattle class there'd be some funds.

I have a good question.  If NZF are crying foul regarding funding visiting teams for tournaments and for the top teams away, why are they crying poverty?  I'm hoping there isn't an undercurrent of financial mismanagement and a possible crisis in the process.  And from memory the White Ferns and age group teams have had quite a few journeys overseas so is the funding being put in the right place.

But that's  by the by.  For now CEO NZ Football needs to stand up to scrutiny, not some back room administrator.  And the Nix either need an apology or need to revise the way they do business.  My bet is it's a NZ Football issue as both Anthony Hudson and Ernie Merrick have had similar issues going back.

And Alex, please don't let this leave a sad taste in your mouth and come back again one day.'

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