Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Basin Test, the Weather as it's forecasted.

Too often the Basin Test is beset with stinging Southerly or Nor Westerly gales.  However we've been blessed to have reasonably comfortable conditions for the teams and crowd during the 1st test.

So what about Feb 2016's 1st test there?  Well long range is one that appears to also provide comfort for all.

Friday  15 overnight, 23 high with overcast conditions and light airs.
Saturday  17 overnight  24 high overcast with light northerlies.
Sunday  18 overnight  25 high overcast and freshening northerlies
Monday  18 overnight  20  high fine northerly
Tuesday  17 overnight  21 high northerlies

Of course being New Zealand and stuck in the middle of a vast ocean things could change so open this link, save it to your faves and check on it daily.  Wellies 10 Day forecast

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