Thursday, 18 February 2016

Perils of playing Sport in Christchurch

When I was on course at Wigram Air Force Base in Christchurch in 1984, earthquakes weren't even on the radar.  When I plied my Saturday trade as stand off or fullback playing league, little did I think about the ground on which we played.  Apart from a few quakes mainly on West Coast or down south, Christchurch was considered non effected.

This weekend, two neighbourly nations don their whites and cricketing gear and battle out for five days (I hope) in the second test at Hagley Oval.  Thankfully over 3 major quakes and many thousands of after shocks, the Oval has not been affected. But the same could not be said about many other areas and many folks who live with daily reminders through aftershocks or damages from the main quakes.  Hopefully 8 - 10 thousand folks will sit for five days shake free and under the summer sun and enjoy the interlude.

On a lighter note, Labour Department (OSH) have given both cricket teams guidelines for ensuring their safety in the open paddock.  Suits similar to this one to the left shall be worn by all players in the pursuit of their happiness.

But seriously, back to the event.  Let's hope the Aussies aren't freaked out and there are no shakes. Christchurch folks deserve that rest.

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