Monday, 5 February 2018

Two Thousand Years - an apocalyptic poem by me.

Two thousand years.

I sit upon the beach,
staring out
upon the sea,
the tears of sadness rushing in
and washing
over me,
my memories stained
from years of strain
and pouring out in tears,
what have we humans done,
I wonder,
in the last two thousand years.

Two Thousand years of fighting,
Two Thousand years of death,
Too many soulful people
who drew their final breath,
Too many loveless children,
Too many sad old folks,
Two thousand years of wasted lives,
Too many hearts that broke.

As clouds roll in
and gray my thoughts,
I think of all that sin,
that may have been
why we were taught
to think of thee within,
they try to wash away the gold,
the bright light
of the sun,
But without love,
and God above,
I am the lonely one. 

Two Thousand years of misery,
Two Thousand years of pain,
Too many innocent children
being sold down the drain,
Too many heartless tyrants,
Too many wounded prides,
Two thousand years of anguish,
Too many wounded cries.

I look out on the sea
before me,
the rising of the waves,
and try to seek a vision
of the ones that
I can save,
The clouds begin to part again,
The sun, it shines
on through,
a prod in my direction
show me what to do?

Two Thousand candles to be lit,
Two Thousand years away,
To make the smallest changes
I have to make them pay,
To seek a path of love and hope,
To reach for souls so pure,
To spread the message far and wide,
To make their lives endure.

I sit upon the beach once more,
staring out
upon the sea,
the waves of gladness rolling in
and breaking
over me,
my memories clear
I have no fear
My heart is full of cheer,
what can we humans do,
I think,
in the next two thousand years

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