Sunday, 11 February 2018

Can NZ and Aussie share the Winter Olympics??

Well can they do it??  Costly endeavour yeah but a shared billing has merit.  Obviously New Zealand will have the outdoors events with Aussie having most of the indoor events.

A smiling Silver Medalist Annaliese Coberger.  Seriously we don't succeed at Winter  sport and that may or may not have happened with hosting but there would be a lasting legacy regarding venues and more winter sports opening up to tourists in all venues.

The  spreadsheet below gives all the probable venues and sports aligned to each venue.  This year it appears we have up and coming winter games sports folk which means we might just have the goods to host.

All the hosting venues in New Zealand to be outdoor venues and Aussie  almost all the indoor sports.  Budget wise NZ and Aus share the funding as both share a donkeys share and Governments  be primary funders,

And yes you'll see it - Skating in Dunedin. They have a great venue in Forsyth Barr and Speed skating is a big audiences event.

Venue Men Women Mixed
Whakapapa Alpine Combined Alpine Combined
Alpine Skiing Downhill Downhill

Grand Slalom Grand Slalom

Slalom Slalom

Super Combined Super Combined

Super G Super G

Turoa Giant Slalom Giant Slalom
Snowboard Halfpipe Halfpipe

Parallel Slalom Parallel Slalom

Slope Style Slope Style

Snowboard Cross Snowboard Cross

Mt Hutt Four Bob Man Mono Bob Mixed
Luge/Bob/Skelethon Mono Bob Two Man Women)

Two Man Individual

Doubles Luge Singles



Snow Farm 10km 10km Mixed Relay
Crosscountry, Nordic 12.5km Pursuit 12.5km Pursuit
Biatholon 15km Mass 15km Mass

20km 20km

4x7.5km Relay 4x7.5km Relay

15km Mass 10km Mass Mixed Relay

15km x 15km Skiatholon 30km

4 x 10km 4 x 10km

50km 7.5 x 7.5 Skiatholon

Cross Country X Free Cross Country X Free

Remarkables K120 Individual (90m) K90 Individual (70) Mixed
Ski Jump x 2 ramps. K120 Team 90m

K90 (70m)

Remarkables spare venue

Cardrona Aerials Aerials
Free Skiing Halfpipe Halfpipe
Hosting Venue, and Moguls Moguls
Spare venue. Ski Cross Ski Cross

Slope Style Slope Style

Dunedin Individual Individual
Speed Skating 10000m 1500m

1000m 1000m
Speed Skating Long Track 1500m 5000m
Speed Skating Short Track 5000m 3000m
(Forsyth Barr Venue) Mass Start Mass Start

Team Pursuit Team Pursuit

1000m 1000m

1500m 1500m

50000 Relay 5000m Relay

500m 500m

Melbourne Individual Individual Mixed NOC Pair

Ice Dance Mixed
Figure Dancing

Pairs Mixed.
Curling Individual Individual Mixed

Sydney Men Competition Women Competition.

Ice Hockey

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