Friday, 8 December 2017

Seddon Park - Hamiltron - Tosses from 1991

Wondered about toss details in Hamilton?  Test Match Cricket started there in 1991 versus Sri Lanka.  The the ensuing years there have been 23 tests and the 24th is about to unfold with the West Indies rolling the arm over tomorrow.

Below is a spreadsheet I have manufactured showing all the matches and toss details and match results.  Very interesting mixed results thoroughout.

23 matches where NZ have win 8 tosses, electing to bat twice and field 6 times.

All teams have selected to Field 17 times and Bat 6 times.  The results aren't clear cut on toss selections.

Those results for Us are 10 wins overall, 7 Draws and 6 losses.  Recent results have reversed record trends and our W/L ratio is getting healthy again.

The stats.

Teams Toss won by Elected Match Result Match Score (NZ Only) Years
Sri Lanka SL Field Drawn N/A 1991
Pakistan NZ Field NZ Loss
India NZ Field Drawn N/A 1993
Zimbabwe Zim Field Drawn N/A 1996
Sri Lanka NZ Bat Win NZ 120 runs 1997
India Ind Field Drawn N/A 1999
West Indies WI Bat Win NZ 9 Wickets 1999
Australia Aus Field NZ Loss
Pakistan NZ Field Win NZ Innings and 185 runs. 2001
Bangladesh Bangladesh Field Win NZ Innings and 52 runs 2001
India NZ Field Win NZ 4 wickets 2002/3
Pakistan Pak Field Drawn N/A 2003/4
South Africa SA Bat Drawn N/A 2004
England NZ Bat Win NZ 189 runs 2008
India Ind Field NZ Loss
Bangladesh Bangladesh Field Win NZ 121 runs 2010
Australia Aus Bat NZ Loss N/A 2010
Pakistan Pak Field NZ Loss N/A 2011
South Africa SA Field NZ Loss N/A 2012
West Indies NZ Field Win NZ 8 Wickets 2013
Sri Lanka NZ Field Win NZ 5 Wickets 2015/16
Pakistan Pak Field Win NZ 5 Wickets 2016/17
South Africa SA Bat Drawn N/A 2017

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