Monday, 11 December 2017

ODI's in New Zealand 2017/18 and the Kane/Ross battle

Starting soon are the first of 13 ODI's on our shores.  And inside those ODI's is the pecking order for our 26 ODI 100 getters.

Ross has had 179 innings for his 17 x 100's
Kane has had 111 innings for 9 x 100's

Be nice to see Ross break 20 x 100 and Kane to increase his tally.

Yes will be a great summer.

First up are the Windies following their test series. If their form in the longer form is anything to go by it's gonna be a tough ride for them.  The team is young but it's fair to say their short form records are different and will mean they have a chance.

Next cab off the ramp is the ever competitive Pakistan.  They land on our shores in January with recent ODI form.  And you can always count on Pakistan to rattle the cages.

Will be a tough series (5 ODI's) for Blackcaps but one we should win.

If they are in your city, go and watch them.

England in March - 5 ODI's.  Leading up to the tests are 5 ODI's.  Both teams have played T20 prior to these matches so should be in cracking form.

Time for Blackcaps supporters to deck out in Black (or Beige) to drown out the Balmy Army.

So what do we want to happen in these ODI's?  If there are needs to blood someone then the Windies matches are good. Fair to say form players in top tier be given all the backing they deserve.

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