Thursday, 26 March 2015

Tale of the Tape, Pool Play and Quarter and Semi final, an analysis

There is an old saying, Winners are Grinners.  Last night at Eden Park there weren't many grins such was the joy and beaming smiles  encapsulated by the players, management, the crowd and the whole country.  I still can't stop smiling.

However with any team performances their are highlights and down sides.  It's been oft bandied about that this team has a huge team ethic and culture and they play for each other and the country.  Yes that is the case so analysing the tournament thus far is wrought with danger and perhaps ridicule.  But someone has to do it.  I'm not using Tall Poppy syndrome, Just analysing what's in the results, coming to conclusions, and hypothesising.

The following is a summary of performances in this World Cup and in order of playing.

NZ vs Sri Lanka.

Ginga 49, BMac 65 from 49, Kane 57 from 63 and Corey 75 from 46

Tim, Trent, Adam, Dan and Corey all 2 fors.

MOTM Corey

A Team performance.

NZ vs Scotland

Tim, Trent 2 for, Dan and Corey 3 fors.

Kane 38 from 45, Grant 29 from 31

MOTM  Trent

NZ vs England

BMac 77 from 25

Tim 7/33


NZ vs Australia

Trent 5/27

BMac 50 from 24
Kane 45 from 42

MOTM  Trent

NZ vs Afghanistan

Trent 3/34
Dan 4/18
Ginga 57 from 76
BMac 42 from 19


NZ vs Bangladesh

Trent, Corey, Grant 2 fors

Ginga 105 from 100
Ross 56 from 97

MOTM  Ginga

NZ vs West Indies

Ginga  237* from 163
Ross 42 from 61

Trent 4/44

MOTM (You had to ask??)  Ginga

NZ vs South Africa

Trent 3/53
Corey 3/72

BMac 59 from 26
Grant 84* from 73
Corey 58 from 57

MOTM (You had to ask again????) Grant.

So who hasn't made this stats sheet?  Well to be honest only one team player and that's wicketkeeper Luke Ronchi.  Is he (if we need him?)  holding back all his cards for the clash with probably Australia this Sunday.  It's all about, for him, keeping your powder dry until it is really needed. But this tally does show that the likes of Trent Boult, Brendon McCullum and Martin Guptill are hugely important to this team.

Personally I don't care who we face.  Romantic side says a feisty trans Tasman clash.  The head says more than likely a match up with unbeaten India.  The romantics quote a two host final.  The ones that analyse say the two unbeaten teams.  Whichever, it's going to be a cracker as New Zealand have sent a message to both contenders, underestimate us at your peril.

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