Monday, 23 March 2015

10 Things you didn't know about Eden Park

1,  The Garden has the same amount of boundaries as all other cricket grounds however the club ground boundaries at PioPio are further out and the drop in is mown by sheep.

2.  The Players Tunnel was tagged by someone who couldn't spell "ay Hayt Crocket" during the famous Smith Innings

3.  There have been 17 full noise streakers, 2 fully clothed ones and William Wallace in full "Up yers ya Pommy Bastard." regalia. Fittingly England lost that match.

4.  Lord Ted wasn't really a Lord though his application to the Members at Lords was entertained.

5.  They take the goalposts down for cricket matches.  I've still yet to find out how they plug the holes. (oh yeah, Drop In Hole Fillers!!  Doh!!

6.  The Seagulls knew when Henry was in the Comms Box.  Yes there was a complaint by locals about the affluent effluent on their precious roofs.

7. Eden Park is in the Mt Eden suburb which is a temperance zone, i.e no piss!!  God it must rial the locals knowing a sporting venue manages to get away with it.  Oops reminds me, time for another pint.

8.  The seats in the park are designed and built in Pigmy Congo and are suitable for small children only.  Possibly explains why sporting events there seem to have a permanent standing ovation.

9.  The Park is not a White Elephant, FFS!! It's an accidental amalgamation of stupendous offerings.

10. No match at Eden Park has been truly memorable.  Until tomorrow!!!  Go The Blackcaps!!

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