Thursday, 26 March 2015

Ode to a Final

We're in a final, where we've never been, 
our  are fizzing, and bloody keen,
 their bats a-swinging, hearts a-pumping, 
about to give the Aussies a right royal thumping.

The glory for the taking. the eyes on the prize,

Boulty and Tim bowling, the Aussies cry,
Our batsmen chasing, a total so poor
New Zealand grabs the trophy and walks out the door.

Lauded as heroes, one and all

the country will celebrate, a week long ball,
Mums and Dads, kids and pets,
Backing Black was always the surest bet.

A Nation will stop and ponder this feat

Our worldly Blackcaps the hardest to beat,
All hail the new lords of New Zealand Sport,
They came they conquered all battles they fought.

And come 2016, at the Halberg Awards

Two World champions will walk the boards,
Cricket or Rugby, which sport will prevail?
Just ponder our greatness over a quiet ale.

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