Friday, 13 February 2015

The Coin Toss in ODI's

How important is the coin toss in ODI's?

If onew just looked at the New Zealand Team since Brendon McCullum's ascendancy to the captaincy of the national team you'd think it was.  It's widely rfepported he loses a lot of tosses yet manages to lead his team to important wins, but what do the figures say

Since 2013 in South Africa New Zealand have played 44 ODI's, a majority of them away from our shores.  They have won half those with one tied match, 2 abandoned games and a no result.  But what of the Toss Records?

The Captains of the Blackcaps have won 20 tosses in that time, losing 24.  They have won ten games when they have won tosses.  They have lost 8 games when tosses won.  They have won 11 games when they have lost the toss.  They have lost 9 games when they have lost the toss.

The reality is that the toss is subjective and erroneous..  On any given day a team will win or lose and the toss very rarely determines a result these days.  A quaint tradition??

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