Thursday, 14 June 2018

Weather Bomb - Whitianga August 1978

In Whitianga, between July and September 1978, the Royal New Zealand Navy had two boats and personnel stationed there for the Mercury Bay Survey Boat Camp (crewed by Monowai crews and stationed at a motel right on the waterfront.).  It was by and large a fun period as we were stationed in a beachfront motel and had a great working day and even better nights.

However, we also experienced a super-storm in August which saw seawater inundating the beachfront and harbour.  For a few days we spent time sandbagging both.

Whitianga during this stage of the storm was without power so we had the BBQ going non stop and were feeding volunteers as well as our own troops.

Meola - Navy tender, (former lighthouse Tender)
Penguin (former Lachlan boat and Tamaki Boatyard tender)

The following two images were taken during a dry patch of rain, the outdoor kitchen in full swing. A few hours earlier and the floodwaters were knee deep.

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