Saturday, 16 June 2018

The General Grant - Gold Hunting Dream

Sooooo who wants a share of $5million?  The Gold Bullion supposed to be on the Wreck of the General Grant in the Auckland Islands is still unaccounted for. Here is my plan.

Buy this Baby (yes you recognise it) ($980K)

(very more luxurious than our days)


Autonomous Side Scan Sonar

ROV platform

4 Divers with deep diving capability

Maritime Magnetometer.

Underwater metal detectors for Divers

Portable Underwater Suction Dredge
Estimate spending maximum of $1.8 million (buy Takapu, hire major equipment, pay crew) for a possible $4,744,992 return if all gold is recovered.  Should see 10 crew rewarded with even shares ($300k each)

Now I see all you matelots jumping at a chance of surveying Auckland Islands again.  I AM!!

There will be Rum.

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