Sunday, 1 April 2018

Ode to a Natural Man - my requiem to my Father.

I wrote this for my Father with it being a song played by my youngest sisters Husband who plays Blues Guitar.

Ode to A Natural Man.
You were one with nature,
environmentally aware.
When others didn't give a damn,
You urged them to take care.
Your visions were cloudless,
Your thoughts overran,
Father, you were always
a Natural Man.

You hunted the Wapiti,
King of the deer.
Shot ducks and wild geese,
And fished everywhere.
You waded in rivers,
Such was your plan,
Even the trout and schnapper know,
You're a Natural Man.

You sailed the high seas, Dad,
Checking the boats.
Youngest inspector of the time,
No challenge was too great, Dad,
Nor no job too damned hard,
You were a Natural Man, Dad,
The whole nine yards.

You had your Kon Tiki,
Your rods and your nets.
You fished the hightop,
and in surf soaking wet.
You showed us the country,
little others have seen,
A Natural Man none like,
There ever has been.

And, Dad, you taught us all,
how to play fair.
You ensured those you met,
were environmentally aware.
You always stood tall, Dad,
and never backed down,
Watch out folks,
Natural Man is in town.

You badgered the government,
both local and central.
Sometimes they thought,
Natural Man has gone mental.
If only they'd known,
Of your crippling disease,
There'd have been more respect,
Dad, you were not at ease.

But you soldiered on steadfastly,
Your mission quite clear.
Protecting the environment,
For our children so dear.
And with respect and hard graft,
you changed all their plans,
Now they all know,
You're a Natural Man.

The sad things come upon us, Dad,
and time passes on,
You left us too early,
Mother earth is still feeling sick,
Your best work still ahead,
Things you began,
These are the legacy of you, Dad,
Natural Man.

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