Thursday, 15 February 2018

Report on the March past. New LOSC name suggestion.

On or around 29th January I floated a suggestion on the  EX RNZN Club Facebook (largely veterans) site on the possibility of running a Vote on a new name for the new LOSC.  I then canvassed for possible names, with four new names (Kupe, Maui,Kiwa and Mataora) chosen.

Initially I wasn't going to keep the past names active but with pressure and lack of other names they were included (Manawanui, Monowai and Tui). I also created a blog giving a run down of the new possibilities and linked websites of the three past ships. Click here for that blog.

So on the 5th February I constructed a Survey Monkey Poll page which eventually gained 75 votes.

 The demographics suggest 80% of the 75 votes are from EX RNZN veterans, with 15% coming from Twitter and maybe others from various links I put around. Fair to say the voters from Navy Veterans have had a big part to play in the process (selection/voting) and acknowledgement to civilians through my blog on Facebook and Twitter, Kiwis helping Kiwis.

Name %age Vote
Kupe 32.00% 24
Monowai 18.67% 14
Manawanui 16.00% 12
Mataora 9.33%7
Maui 8.00% 6
Kiwa 8.00% 6
Tui 8.00% 6

 And a resounding win goes to HMNZS Kupe by a goodly margin.  I am canvassing Ministry of Defense (Navy) or MARCOM staff (if that is what it is called now) with this March Past summary to see if they see it as a valid exercise.

I also found a prominent statue depicting Kupe - maybe an idea going forward as a Crest??

Ka kite ano whanau

Thane Zander

Palmerston North

Ex CPOAHS 1975 - 2002

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