Tuesday, 13 February 2018

Naming a new vessel - LOSC

Just a little blog to breakdown the candidates for the new vessel.  Remember if you have voted in the Poll the names are familiar but here they are again.


HMNZS  Manawanui

HMNZS  Monowai


HMNZS  Mataora



That order is how the poll stands as of 13/2/2018

As at 15/2/2018 with 48 hours to vote with 70 votes so far.(8pm 17/2/2018)

Vote at bottom of this blog with the link.

Name %age Vote
Kupe 31.43% 22
Monowai 18.57% 13
Manawanui 17.14% 12
Mataora 8.57% 6
Maui 8.57% 6
Kiwa 8.57% 6
Tui 7.15% 5

You'll also note there are three names from the not too distant past and surprisingly two are scoring well behind Kupe  HMNZS Monowai and HMNZS Manawanui.

I'll post links to websites that have information on each Name.  You will see "Click Here" in relation to that specific name.

First Kupe.- my reason for this choice was twofold, 1 - None have been called as our forebear be named and he was a great navigator (hydro) and fed his brethren (Dive koura/Paua).  ClickHere


Although not leading it is evident this name is sticking with the past/  That fact that Manawanui and Monowai are vying suggest that there is still a need for honouring the past.  BUT the top five after Kupe are very close in the vote.  Here is a reminder Click Here Manawanui  and Click Here Monowai

Next Mataora.  It was a pick out of left field but when you see it for what it depicts, a gift in the realm.  Here's a better depiction.  ClickHereMataora

And another left field selection but an educative one.  Kiwa - credit goes to Terry Kyle for this one.  ClckHereKiwa

Oops Maui how could we indeed forget that great man.  I wouldn't be too displeased if this wins, for me a toss up with Kupe.  ClickHereMaui

And trailing way behind in the vote but one worthy of being there. Tui  ClickHereTui

All proposed names are worthy of being in the vote.  You all know what is what, who is who?  Vote well.


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