Saturday, 22 July 2017

National Party First Eleven Football team.

The New Zealand National Party Football team.

Goalkeeper - Jerry Brownlie - Has the ability to block the whole goal.

Right Back - Jonothon Coleman - known for attacking the wrong goal and continual dribbling fails..

Centre Back - Bill English - has an ability to turn with the tide.

Left Back - Judith Collins - spends most of time taking selfies – a wallflower

Left Midfielder - Hekia Parata - Busy measuring the pitch for more funding cuts.

Centre Midfielder Steven Joyce - Keeps a quiet vigil but known to turn quickly. Only MP with the ability to pass the ball forward.

Right Fielder - Paula Bennett - if it ain't broke fix it (yeah conundrum)
Centre Forward 1 - Amy Adams – the show pony, has the ability to find the goal without too much fanfare.

Centre Forward 2 - Simon Bridges - Know's where the goal is, but reluctant to fire off a shot.

Left Wing - Nick Smith - Can dribble, can evade tacklers and familiar with the environment of the pitch.

Right Wing - Nikki Kay - Silent achiever, knows where and when to pass.

Coach/Manager Anne Tolley - Anyone that can keep WINZ out of the limelight is first choice Coach.

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