Sunday, 8 March 2015

How Great is the Queen City

It's long been considered that a countries biggest city has more at it's disposal on all fronts, sporting ones included.  Auckland is our biggest city with over 1.4 million inhabitants.  It has great sporting heritage, pedigree and places that stand well in the psyche where famous sporting moments have taken place.

But in recent times sporting success seems to have deserted this "great" city.  If one looks at all the tables in the cricketing competitions you won't find one Auckland team leading.  Last years ITM Cup rugby side was off the pace and their associate franchise North Harbour is a joke.  The Auckland Blues Super Rugby team is beyond woeful.  The Warriors despite being talked up are also off to a shaky start (early days there yet).  Across the board, sporting mediocrity rules,

If I knew the answer to fixing their problems I'd be a millionaire.  The place should have enough money and talent available to turn things around, but does it?  The one shining light is the New Zealand Breakers (note "New Zealand").  Based in Auckland this team has used wider resources to forge a dynasty.  Do Auckland codes that are failing need to look outside the Queen City and inject some fresh ideas and resources?

I don't like seeing any team struggle, or any city fill the mediocrity booths at the fair (ok Canterbury I do) so I'm asking Auckland Sports to look deep and long at turning around a bad situation.  It was often said in most codes, if Auckland is good, the national teams are good.  Yeah that no longer matters in professional sport, but it would be nice to see them start deserving the mantels they seek.

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