Monday, 8 December 2014

Same Old Same Old - NZ Cricket selectors.

Over the past few seasons one has had to admire the great job the NZ Cricket selectors are doing in picking our premier squads for international cricket. Sure we're winning about the same we draw in tests, and T20's  we're evens on results.  And ODI's we're also holding our own.  Some selections have been brave and daring and have largely paid off.  Until they get the Diamond Star of the CWC2015 blinding their judgement.

I give praise where praise is due.  I also critique where I find criticism due.  And the latest squad of 30 for CWC 2015 is a step back to the glory days of NZ Cricket where some players just didn't seem, to my way of thinking, deserve to be in any squad for varying reasons.  Largely the group of 30 picks itself, tried and true internationals in all forms, some definite talent, and then the Others.

And it's The Others I want to concentrate on.  Does anyone remember Skippy Syndrome?  Yeah you do, when a player that once showed promise was persevered with in the hope they'll rekindle that promise once shown in them and no matter how many times you persevere with him he digs a deeper hole.  Truth is they're not really cut out for international cricket.  Skippy went on to be CD's highest ever run scorer - great at 1st Class, terrible at international.  So considering that how do you place the following Skippy Survivalists:

Neill Broom
Colin de Grandhomme
Grant Elliot
Andrew Ellis
and the perennial of them all James Franklin?

How do you justify these selections when you are looking for performers or possible stars in a tournament that means one heck of a lot to NZ Cricket going forward, both as a playing team and as an organisation seeking results?

Yeah that's my point,.  How about putting faith in some newbies, youngsters that are the players who will be to the fore in the future, not journeymen.

And in closing, what is Kyle Mills role these days?  In his last 20 matches he's averaged 1.1 wicket a game, given up on average 37 runs per stint at the wicket, and doesn't bowl maidens?  I'd hate to think we go into CWC2015 with a lineup with him in it and a wickettaker and the menace and promise of Milne not!

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