Thursday, 20 March 2014

Insidious Concoctions - Changing the Mind and Body

I'm fully aware there is a great debate happening in society surrounding the use of mind and body altering drugs.  I guess I'm going to fuel that debate, but bear with me.  A few facts first:

1  I have tried Marijuana twice, once smoked, once in a bong.  Both times I was adversely affected.
2. I have tried LSD once.  The effect was dire and long lasting.
3. I used to drink a lot of alcohol.  I had to, occupational hazard.  I drink maybe one drink a month socially now and have done so for 15 years.
4. I have smoked cigarettes for 37 years.  I still do.  I am healthy (to my doctors continuing surprise)
5.  I have family members that have been (or were) long term marijuana smokers.  Some also used other drugs.
6.  I have had mates that used marijuana.  They lost their jobs because of it.  High risk.

So where do I stand on marijuana?  Well to be honest, seeing how it has affected people close to me I am dead against it's use in society and remain fixedly affirmed to it being illegal.  A majority of Dope is smoked.  With the Government pushing for No Smoking by 2025, this should also apply to Marijuana.  Anyone suggesting smoked Marijuana should be legal is barking up the wrong tree especially with the smoking legislation being enforced.

Whale Oil Beef Hooked (or more importantly Cameron Slater), challenged me in a tweet that Vaping will do away with smoking.  That's well and good but seriously who is going to carry their paraphernalia around to Vape, and where will they be able to do that in public that doesn't affect the public?  It's all about the same thing really, what is dangerous and what is not?  I'm sure smokers who were made to lose their freedoms and rights will feel very strongly about marijuana users still being allowed to do their own thing (yeah even more marginalisation in society)

I know for a fact, marijuana use in teenagers is prevalent.  I also know some of those teenagers progress to Methamphetamine (P) or other drugs. Society well knows the affects those drugs and their use makes on society. So why tolerate it?  Why is there such a soft stance on marijuana use?  As I said, it's insidious, it ruins lives and that ruination is borne by and large by society and taxpayers.  Case in point, back to family and friends.  Some have been long term users.  Most have issues with their health.  Many can't hold down a job.  Some are unable to get a job through injuries suffered during their addiction and are on the long term benefit.

Yes "normal folks" also have issues with holding down jobs and are on a benefit, but that's 90% down to circumstances than health and choice of lifestyle.  It's time to fess up folks.  Two major abuses in society are alcohol and drugs.  Many young folks suffer life changing events due to both.

Ok now I hear the Medicinal Marijuana folks howling!  If they put it in a pill and it works I have no issue.  If you want to smoke it or Vape it sorry, no go.

 One rule for All!

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