Tuesday, 25 February 2014

The 150+ Club in 2013/14 Plunket Shield Cricket

Following players have hit more then 150 runs in an innings this season.

Redmond (O) 154
Papps  (W)  183*
Guptill  (A)  185 and 161*
Pollard  (W)  166
Flynn  (ND)  188
Latham (C)  241* and 261
Munro  (A)  156
Hay  (CD)  202
M Bracewell (O)  155* and 154
C Cachopa (A) 203

Fair to say all the provinces share the glory.  Interesting Auckland has 4 scores yet don't feature at the top of the table.
1Canterbury Wizards94320000103189-1.332
2Otago Volts922500001727680.058
3Central Stags92250000152968-0.894
4Wellington Firebirds921600001726673.286
5Auckland Aces912600001929602.334
6Northern Knights92340000102054-0.783

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