Friday, 21 July 2017

Two Poems about the Seas

First is written in 2007 whilst studying at Massey University. The last is a challenge from a friend in Austin, Texas in year 2000 and had never seen the sea.  He was impressed.

A Rollicking ol’ sea shanty

Those ten foot seafarers, riding White Horses
across an Ocean so blue the sun blinks,

across Pacific Islands covered perennially in palms
men stepping ashore and giving birth to Sea women,

across horizons bent with sun shimmer, mirage
the height of these men increasing the closer they get,

roaring Forties, and riding cascading water falls
some seven metres tall and oncoming, till CRASH

they hit the side of an abandoned Log Carrier
dive into the fucken hold and sinking the lonely beast,

the now 21 foot seafarers glee in their capability,
saving souls, sailors, and sailoresses, scion of the sea,

white horses now growing to charging elephants,
and lambasting a shoreline like a wild tsunami,

rotting houses, dead bodies, unwary populations,
the salted water deteriorating vegetation, as it does,

like the Royal Albatross, floating on mid air currents,
fighting for fish behind brave ships, in the Southern Ocean,

Back to the warm tropics, piggy backing on trawlers
the scurry of fish hungry sea birds scavenging food

45 foot tall seafarers growing apace, running on cyclones
the rage of wind and sea throwing it’s power at Fiji,

the bure’s washed wet, the populace on high ground
a white horse appears to reclaim it’s rider,

the riders make their home on Kilauea’s slopes,
the fire mountain and the sea farers, companions,

until another summer storm whips up the sea,
and off they go again, ruination and wreckage

into the realm of Tangaroa and King Neptune
into the real world of the hardened sailor, Ocean rave.

Seven Degrees of Sea


Look around, nary a sound,
Twinkling sparkling millpond,
Light dancing, no breath of wind,
Paradise before you,
Deep blue mirrors sky's hue,
Clarity supreme!
See bullet-like fish
dart and dash
for metres and leagues down.

Paradise mottled.

Wind breaks the calm of seas balm,
yet still no harm,
little ripples do break the serenity,
still paradise
not quite as nice but panorama
is churned, grayish tint
The blue is less clear,
Fish not there.

Paradise broken.

Grey clouds whipped by strongish gusts,
waves rolling
Whitecaps strolling incessantly,
Blue turns to dark green
picture once serene
now crazy with churning spume
clarity lost, murky water
Thoughts darkened by the haze
Cloudy wind-filled days.


Swells building, waves breaking, CRASH,
wind whips water
mad dashes across the surface
Black roiling cloudbanks, close the gloom,
leaves no room
for the fainthearted, motion started
sea boiling green and white
as stomach fights the crests and troughs
Battle soon lost.

Gut wrenching.

Death is near, no ocean clear,
Lunch is sent spewing
misery ensuing
As clouds now speed across your vision,
Gales, high wind precision
Swells stand up and confront
the fear of your dread,
White anger, grey green broth
Merciless ocean whipped to froth.

Passion Play

For as far as the maddening eye sees,
unrelenting danger
assails the stranger to the power of the sea,
Clouds one big procession,
wind obsession, your life at the mercy
of powers far greater,
and sooner or later the boat will sway
and rock and toss, and moronically ride
out the oceans passion play.

Natural Forces

You ride the Dancing Horses, on forces
not meant to be,
no one conquers the Sea,
but feel it's power and it's serenity,
be it Paradise, or majestic Glory,
take from it what you must
Revile it, revel in it's touch,
It will treat you, natures power
as it wishes, by Seven Degrees,

The Seas.

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