Tuesday, 15 May 2018

Petty Officer Stoker Robert Brissenden Deceased 1912.

We mostly forget our fallen Comrades not in a war capacity.  There are Sailors Graves dotted all around our shorelines.  And PO Stoker Robert Brissendon is one.  If they are known then more often than not their details surrounding their passing are not known.

Thanks to Ex Droggy Stephen Green answering a call for details of this unlucky man we have a picture.

Click Here for Greenies Facebook page complete with an image of Roberts Headstone at Elmslie Bay,

And Click here for his Coroners Inquest. (Papers Past)

Click here for Press Papers Past inquest.

 Be cool to post our other Sailors Graves.

 Robert Brissenden PO Stoker Second Class Crossed the Bar August 1912 whilst surveying Admiralty Bay onboard Terra Nova (Robert Falcon Scott's Antarctic Exploration vessel.)

Click here for Navy Today coverage of Endeavours crew tending the grave October 2016.

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Tena Koe whanau.

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