Tuesday, 30 January 2018

Those surveys I never took part in. 1976 - 2002 RNZN

90 Mile Beach

In 1975 April 10th I was recruited into the RNZN, initially as a Surveyor Recorder but before joining I was changed then to JSEA, And that is why I ended up as Gunner, 28th May 1975. I ended up on Canterbury until August/September 1976 when the GO Lt Rick Howland gave me a chance to branch change, which I took. I was given basic training and started my tenure then as a Surveyor for the next 24 years - surveying  around NZ Coast and Harbours, Pacific Islands, Australia and Subantarctic Islands.

                                                     Port Waikato

But this blog isn't about what and where I have been, it's more about where I haven't been (around NZ) A short explanation about the Survey Cycle from post war. It was estimated Lachlan and the ML's Takapu and Tarapunga would, based on speed of work, take around 25 years to complete surveys around NZ and restart again. The Survey Fleet were surpassing survey rates. But when all three retired from service the birth of 24/7 survey was a reality so one could say improvements were attained in a good rate of work

Farewell Spit

So what of the surveys I have not been a part off (and not surveyed by the branch at time of discharge)

90 Mile Beach to Piha
Port Waikato to Raglan
Kawhia to North New Plymouth Roads
South Taranaki Bight to Cook Strait
Farewell Spit to Milford (very deep soundings on Monowai, no inshore work)
Doubtful Sound to Kawakaputa Bay
Otara to Taiaroa Heads
Blueskin Bay to Akaroa
Kaikoura to Cape Campbell
Cape Paliser to Cape Kidnappers
Mahia Peninsular - Gisbourne Roads
Gisbourne Roads – East Cape
Kawau Island to Whangarei

                                                                     Puysegor Point

Then  The Nuggets

Ka kite ano all.

Port of Timaru (never been there by sea)

Just to add in my career never surveyed Chathams nor Antipodes nor Campbell.


  1. Triune survey of doubtful sound and deep cove for the purposes of an American company that was putting forward a case for the exportation of fresh water from the tailrace of the manapouri hydroelectric scheme 1984 POAHS C. MORRISON Tarapunga Larry Robbins in Command Lyall P. Cowan Takapu

    1. Great memory. I remember the talk was to get empty Oil Tankers to fill with that fresh water and off load them in Middle East desert states.