Saturday, 4 November 2017

2017 Melbourne Cup Sweepstake

Who Shot TheBarman has been scratched and no replacement is being nominated so field is now 23.

Added at bottom a better form guide.

Welcome to the 2017 Melbourne Cup Sweepstake.  Below you will find the Form Guide and associated data.

To enter, pick your first five horses in finishing order and email me or Tweet/FB with your account name and selections. I will collate results and tabulate them here soon after the finish.

First place will score 15 points, Second 10, Third 7, Fourth 5 and Fifth 3.  It's quite possible that you may win and get 15 points and have no other finishers and someone gets all their four without winner.  Just makes it a slightly skewered contest.

If there are any scratchings you have until start time to pick another horse and it's finishing order for your 5.

My Twitter Account is @CricketTragic58.
My FB account is Thane W Zander
My  email is

The field 1 - 12

Field 13 - 24

Number 18 is Gallante

And this link goes to a form guide.Form Guide, click here  

Click Here for extended form data- win/place, prizemoney and a thorough run down on form.

Click Here for comprehensive form guide.

And the video of the most Famous Cup. 

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