Thursday, 21 September 2017

Comparison of ODI career stats - Smith/Williamson

I tasked myself to analyse Kane Williamson's ODI career compared to that of Steve Smith (after a Twitter tragic posted stats about Smith.)  It was quite an enlightening event and some great similarities.

 The stats are separated into first half of their careers (2010-2014) and the second half  (2014 to 2017)

 (2010 - 2014)
48 innings
7 NO's
1707 runs
41.63 Average

(2014- 2015)

51 Innings
4 NO
2621 Runs
55.77 Average

Steve Smith
27 Innings
4 NO
591 Runs
24.63 Average

56 Innings
8 NO
2625 Runs

Kane is well and truly the better performed in first half of career and continues to perform. But give him his dues, Steve is on a par with Kane's latter career (check runs scored).  Be interesting for someone to compare stats with captaincy??  Maybe another day.

Edited to add my research stats into Both Kane and Steve's reign since both attained captaincy. There are a plethora of similarities.

They both have been captains of their sides for the same period (early 2016)

Their innings in both ODI's and Tests match (give or take  a couple of innings)

Runs Scored and averages are close.

Steve Smith

ODI's  32 innings 5 NO,  9 x 50's  3 x 100's scoring 1225 runs at 45.37

Kane Williamson

ODI's  28 Innings  1 NO,  9 x 50's,  2 x 100's  scoring 1174 at 43.50

Steve Smith

Tests  32 innings  4 NO,  7 x 50's  9 x 100's, scoring 1746 runs at 62.4

Kane Williamson

Tests  25 innings  3 NO,  6 x 50's,  4 x 100's  scoring 1219 runs at 55.40

A clear case of nice being close (except Smith's exceeding Kane in Test 100's but remember Kane has played 7 test innings less than Smith.)

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