Thursday, 22 June 2017

Blackcaps Short Form wicketkeeper- who is next

With the retirement of Luke Ronchi a hole has appeared in Blackcaps ranks for a wicketkeeper in short forms of the game of cricket. In the past wicketkeepers have been pretty much a simple choice and by and large have a certain career longevity.

One could suggest someone out of Domestic Cricket step up, but if one looks at the stocks there doesn't appear to be many standing up (Based on last Ford Trophy 2017 Jan to Mar.).

The Blackcaps build a team out of batting ability (and bowling) but rarely does a wicketkeeper get in for his wicketkeeping ability alone, quick scoring batsmen and a closer has to be in his resume.  So with that in mind I have scoured the Ford Trophy scores from this year and present the stats here.

Auckland Aces

GD Phillips opens the batting for the Aces and his scores were 0,5,41,33,102 - 181 runs at 36.2

Northern Knights

Seifert  1,12,40,104, 56,38  - 251 Runs at 41.8

Central Stags

Cleaver  0,9,9,10,7,77  -  112 runs at 18.8

Wellington Firebirds

Blundell  36,21,32 - 89 runs at 29.7
Ronchi  63,22,31  - 116 runs at 38.6


Latham  3,59 - 62 runs at 31.0
Fletcher  8,8,5,13,10  -  44 runs at 8.8

Otago Volts

de Boorder   2,4,3,31,43  -  83 runs at 16.6

Interesting stats. Many fans have their pick but Blackcaps need to pick on form and ability and with that in mind there are three options, Phillips, Seifert and Latham.  Latham would be the front runner for me, is already indoctrinated in the A Team's game plan. I would be inclined to bring in Phillips as an apprentice under Latham and to get the vibe that goes with the team. And a bonus is he can cover opener if injury/etc.

Looking at these stats there is a clear situation that we don't have a great deal of depth at Wicketkeeper in Domestic cricket.  Maybe Cricket NZ takes a leaf out of Rugby and foster talent.  There has always been a lot of (very) senior players hogging places in their teams better suited to youth.

NZC have a long winter/spring to find their man and they won't have any opportunity to pick from Ford Trophy form as ODI's start before that Trophy (based on last years competition format)

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