Thursday, 27 April 2017

Don't let the Blues get you Down - the road ahead.

 I'ts a given, the unlucky Blues will face 8 teams (well 7 with one bye) to the end of the Super Rugby Comp.  They have been unlucky as many results have been close run things.

But the results mean nothing as they languish in the bottom of the NZ Conference. Yes there are hints about all the results lately shifting up to a positive in the score sheet and place on the ladder.  But sadly the following fixtures practically dismiss some or any hope.

8 matches, 5 away, 2 home and a Bye.

Yes I'd say the most of the teams away are also- rans, but a win away doesn't prove hopeful?

Brumbies  Away  Both on 17 pts, Brumbies 2nd Conference

Waratahs  Away  9pts
Cheetahs  Home  10pts
Stormers Away  26pts
Chiefs  Away  33pts
Reds  Home   10pts
Sunwolves   Away.   5 points.

So Eden Park will host 2 more games, 2 games too short for their fans.  50% of the away games should dictate wins given points on the conferences, but it's fair to say that the Blues have issues just winning and a under the threat of poor performances sadly they will end up being the only NZ team to not make the finals. (Means they have more time to to finalise a squad and getting into training for next year.)

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