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India's Kanpur Green Park stadium - last 10 Test stats.

See addition to this post for update on NZC efforts compared to other teams playing India at the two venues.

I wasn't aux fais with this venue so decided to go back a little in history to see how India progressed in their first innings on the park given BLACKCAPS restriction of their much vaunted hosts.  I have tallied the last ten tests at the venue dating back to 1979.

There doesn't appear to be any consistency, though India's last 6 innings have seen a decided increase in first innings totals, against all opposition, and wins.


10 innings - 1 loss, 5 drawn and 4 wins out of last 5 matches.

Scores (1 = Bat first, 2 Bat second)

Layout for stats below -

(Opposition, India result, Dates, score, Innings)

Pakistan -  Drawn  Dec 79  162  1
England  - Drawn  Jan/Feb 82  377  2
Windies  - Lost  Oct 83  207  2
England - Drawn  Jan/Feb 84  553  1
Sri Lanka -  Drawn  Dec 86  676  2
South Africa -  Won  Dec 96  237  1
New Zealand - Won  Oct 99  330  2
South Africa  -  Drawn  Nov 04  466  2
South Africa  -  Won  Apr 08  325  2
Sri Lanka  -  Won  Nov 09   642  1

ADDED 5/10/2016

Tabulated list of results in tests India have won, at Kanpur and Eden Gardens.  Be heartened Blackcaps fans and players, were not as bad as you'll see.

vs  Aussie India won by 119 runs
vs Aussie  India won by 153 runs
vs SA India won by 280
vs NZ  India won by 8 wickets
vs SA  India won by Innings and 144 runs
vs NZ  India won by 197 runs.

Eden Garden, Kolkata (Since 1993)
vs England  India won by 8 wickets
vs Aussie  India won by Innings and 219 runs
vs Aussie  India won by 171 runs
vs South Africa  India won by 8 wickets
vs  Pakistan  India won by 195
vs  South Africa India won by Innings and 57 runs
vs West Indies India won by Innings and 15 runs
vs West Indies  India won by an Innings and 52 runs
vs NZ  India won by 178 runs.

Seems all team struggle with Eden Gardens, at least in past 23 years or so.  Stand by for a preview stats chat on ground results for Holkar Cricket Stadium. IndoreIndia.

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