Tuesday, 2 February 2016

West Island Cleared by Customs and ready to Play

Unlike PNG, it's near neighbour did manage to get their Visas in order.  This is good and bad, dependent on how you see it.  Being here means they have to play cricket against us.  Being here also means some 9 months later an errant night of drowning their sorrows will see another solo kiwi mother off to be Australia-ised.

But that's by the by.  It's about a month of cricket with 2nd ranked test nation up against 6th placed us. And the Chappell/Hadlee sees 1st placed Aussie up against rapidly rising 3rd place us.  Mouth watering indeed.  3 ODI's and 2 tests (yes I rue not having a third one) seems short, but with a compressed ODI/Test series leading into this series and then WT20C teams off to India on the back of this one, something had to give.

So what of this pesky little Aussie tour? Intriguing and probably a good gauge how both teams go with forced changes (NZ some batting changes, Aussie a weakened bowling attack.).  The ODI's will be fun if for the fact it is the first time in ages (It Seems) we have played it here.  Trainspotters will clarify that.  My blog though isn't about test cricket and ODI in particular.  Well it is actually but with a twist.  I have trawled CricInfo for the highest Test Batting score for both teams in both forms on NZ soil. I have also delved and found the best bowling figures for each country in tests and ODI in NZ.



Batting HS  KD Walters 250                      

Bowling  BBI  D Lillee 6-72



Batting HS  M Hayden 182

Bowling BBI  M Starc 6/28

New Zealand


Batting HS Bruce Edgar 161

Bowling BBI  Daniel Vettori 7/87

New Zealand ODI

Batting HS Craig McMillan and Ross Taylor share 117.

Bowling BBI Shane Bond 5/25

So there you go.  Mouth watering look at a series.

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