Monday, 11 May 2015

The 101 Kit for avoiding Suicide.

Let us say one's life is a bottle.  From the day they are born, through love caring and their environment, their bottle is strengthened.  Normally the bottle fills with good things, happy things and the contents fizz, but due to conditioning the bottle doesn't overflow.  Through our life we drink from our bottle of those good things and memories.  The taste and feeling is both rejoiceful and exhilarating.

But what happens when you are born with a bottle that is more fragile?  What happens if there is no loving, no caring and an environment that one finds confining.  Suddenly our bottle starts to fill alright, but the contents are the sad things, the hurtful things, poison to remember and poison to taste.  And as we grow those things get muddy and thick and no amount of effort yields the fizz to provide  a great taste and a lasting memory of good times.  And the older we get the more that weak bottle fills.

Invariably one day the contents start to spill out of the bottle and no matter how hard you try you
cannot stop that flow.  You try to put a cap on that bottle, but that leads to more pain, more misery and eventually two things happen.  The first, the cap is forced off and the mess is seen by stronger bottles.  They try to clean the mess up and put the cap back on (often repeatedly) to maintain good order, but nothing of their good intentions seems to work.  So you take your bottle to a dark corner you were already in and try to stop all that pain.  No one sees you.  No one cares.  No one loves.  You are safe with your poison as it's yours and yours alone.  The problem with all the shit in your bottle, it's chemically engineered to expand with time, and you have put the cap on yourself so tight it just can't and won't get out.

As you were a weak bottle to start with, the second thing happens.  Your bottle shatters into a zillion pieces and the contents mess up everyone else's lives.  For a minute.  If you had no friends, there is no one to grieve for you.  If your family didn't help to strengthen your bottle and give you good contents, will they care?  Invariably all that happens is the glass is cleaned up and thrown away, the contents wiped up and thrown away.  And your name appears in records.

The key to this story is growing strong bottles and providing the contents that folks can imbibe from.  The other key is to also address the overflow issues.  Poison can be cleaned out and replaced.  The system dictates currently that weak bottles should always be capped.  It doesn't look at addressing the poison and trying to change those contents.  Often weak bottles will spillover on family and if a family was good, it too would stop capping and addressing the poison.  The key to this story is to make sure that all bottles get to be old age bottles with a rich life history.  Yes there will be poison on that journey, but if there is enough fizz along the way the poison is overwhelmed.

Suicide is not an option.  It is an environmental conditioning.

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