Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Exposing Campbells TV3 Flag Poll and article.

So the Poll says 88% of Kiwis don't want to change the flag?  Seems a disproportionate amount considering my own look at the suggests that about 35% want a new flag, about 40 percent want status quo and the rest don't want 27 million spent and that's theie sole argument for no change. And as to that Poll, what was the demographics and how many voted?

There was also highlighted in the article on TV3 website that only 10 people turned up for the first debate on the Flag Roadshow in Christchurch.  This is a misrepresentation of facts.  I know of several people that were not even aware the roadshow was in town and if they had of known they would have gone.  In fact, how many in this country even knew there was a roadshow?  The advertising, or lack-thereof was the reason only 10 turned up, not public apathy to the flag issue.

It's time media organisations in this country went back to researching and reporting facts, not tabloid headlines.

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