Saturday, 10 January 2015

The Future Batting Talent for positions 3, 4 and 5 in Blackcaps

There has been plenty of focus on the resurgent Blackcaps and for very good reason.  But I want to turn my attention to the next lot of talent coming through.  Why?  Well if for some reason two of the current 3,4 and 5 in the Blackcaps should not be able to play, someone will have to be drafted into the side to fill some big shoes.

I know Jimmy Neesham could slot into 4 or 5 if needed (tests only) but that leaves Kane's slot should he not be available.  And I'm not saying bring in a tried former BC opener (or other failed scenario) to convert to three, I want to give some young talent in this country a look at batting in the highest level.  In this case I have used the current 3, 4, or 5 from domestic One Day List A squads as most play all three forms of the game.  I have also noted all three of their averages (First Class, List A and T20) and have averaged those averages for a final scoring, as they will probably be required to cover all three facets of the game.  There may be other names I haven't considered so feel free to enlighten me and I'll edit them in.

Yes I am talking young talent so some oldies and ex Blackcaps don't feature.  I'm looking at say 5 - 7 years from now or an injury for them to slot  in.

Here is my analysis.  They are in order of averaged averages, highest first.

Name Team First Class Average List A 50 over Average T20 Average Average across all forms.
Craig Cachopa Auckland 49.5 27.9 29.2 35.5
Mitchell ND 38.8 30.2 35.81 34.9
Murdoch Wellington 34.6 35.3 27.6 32.5
Bracewell Otago 41.01 29.8 21.6 30.8
Diamanti Canterbury 25.72 30.11 27.42 27.8
Young CD 34.9 25.4 22.7 27.7
Smith CD 34.5 29.6 18.6 27.6
Carl Cachopa Auckland 32.7 17.39 25.3 25.1
Robertson Otago 34.6 26.4 14 25.0
Santner ND 24.2 25.3 25.3 24.9

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