Tuesday, 6 January 2015

A Cricket Poem.

In they strode the nation expectant,
5 down for 24, a battle resurrection,
one dropped at 29, 60 and 104
and a stumping chance that opened the door.

For four and a half very long long sessions
the Williamson and Watling thang didn't lesson
milestones came, milestones went,
all the Sri Lankans could do was argue the ball, repent.

Then as slow as the scoring seemed oddly to be,
their partnership went to that magical 353,
BMac and Watling surely outdone
and Williamson and Watling now hold all the guns.

But what of the skippers early declaration,
with both batsmen in a cause to advance the nation,
Kane wanted 8 for his two hundred and fifty
BJ the same for his one hundred and fifty, nifty.

But cricket is a team game played by individuals,
And declarations are made of some very strange rituals,
setting a target, generous at best,
but a sure fired way for us to win this great test.

And should you not have noticed, across the ditch,
The Team above us in rankings ain't going so rich,
We win this series, India lose it badly,
we move above India oh dear, how sadly!!

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