Wednesday, 23 July 2014

I Want to be a Political Party Leader

I look like Cunliffe, walk like Craig, Reason like Key, smell like Turei, postulate like Winston and have the IQ of Independent leader Horan.

Yes I am suited to politics.  The problem I do have is the strength of my convictions compared to some MP's.  I have two parking tickets, two speeding tickets and a night in Auckland Cells drying out.  I feel I need far greater convictions to succeed and then fail in politics.

Using my credit card fraudulently
Meetings where a conflict of interest lies.
Signing immigration documents knowing it's wrong
Duping Old Folks out of their vote for real parties that can make a real difference.
Claiming I am of one gender when the fact is probably otherwise the case.
Telling folks you can spend more of their money with no sound economic sense to back it up.
Telling the country the Rivers will be returned to their former glory and only hinting at the economic impact on dairying that will have not only for the farmers but the economy.
Telling the country it needs to find new sources of energy whilst going to protests in deisel and petrol powered cars, trains and planes.

Yes I know, hypocrite and MP go hand in hand so IF i do decide to stand I'd have to do so knowing I will make promises only to find the party I stand for toes the party line and only matters about bums on seat in the House of Representatives.  So with that in mind, what do I think needs to happen in this country that I can help fix/manage?

Mental Health.  This is a growing epidemic and one that won't go away, despite medication and support services.  It's fair to say Mental health services are stretched, both staff-wise and building/services capacity-wise.  It's also sadly lacking in any after care services for Suicide victims, be they failed attempts, or successful attempts and family/friends in need of support.  Fair to say some services in the country are doing fine, but many more are struggling.  If we can set in place mechanisms that teach young teenagers about what to look out for in life that could see them needing care then we should cut admissions and have more support in place as directed by GP's.  The fence at the top of the cliff is far more beneficial than the ambulance or coroner at the bottom.

Transport.  This countries roads are a huge improvement on what they were 30 years ago.  A large proportion of money for roading comes from the user through the pump.  As most of the roading issues are now behind us time to deal with longstanding issues that need attention.

Auckland - not roading as such, but railway.  The North Shore needs a rail link for commuter traffic to reduce the strain on it's motorways and the Auckland Harbour Bridge.  There is land set aside in the Devonport/Belmont/Bayswater areas for roading projects, use that land for rail and have a Rail/Ferry link in Devonport.  A Rail link can also be set in place along the existing motorways.

Also be handy to have a rail link from Airport to Britomart.

Wellington.  Is in dire need of proper roading to handle the flow it currently handles.  Transmission Gully is a priority project.  Also build a link tunnel to Evans Bay from Ngauranga Gorge so SH 1 and SH 2 feed into the airport and it also provides an alternative entry/exit for CBD under normal flows and in an emergency. The Auckland Waterview tunnel is 4.8Km long and costing 1.8Bn for six lane highway.  The cost should be less for Wellington for a four lane tunnel at between 3.5km to 6.5km long.

Build the Monorail from Queenstown to Milford.  It will have a low impact on the environment and free up the road through Te Anau for small vehicle traffic and lessen the risk to bus passengers.  If the greenies are so against it due to impact on environment paint it green!!

On the wish list - The Manawatu Tunnel.  Over recent years the Manawatu Gorge has become a dangerous piece of important highway linking one side of the country (SH1) to the other (SH2) through the slip prone Manawatu Gorge.  A tunnel would lower the risk for traffic and also provide a 100% clean drive through the Ruahines with no down time and expensive repair works on a regular basis.  And while on tunnels, Napier Taupo in the long term too.

House of Representatives.  Drop the number of MP's to 80 and strengthen MMP process.  If a party can't get 7% of the vote it doesn't have a seat.  This would mean parties have to select their strongest and most reliable representatives thereby putting some responsibilities of MP's to actually do what they are paid to do and no hangers on.

Justice.  Teach our kids how to be adults and they will have the skills to be adults. My Solution.

Damn!!  I can make a difference. And so can you.  Get out and vote this year.  Some parties aren't worth it but if you feel strongly on any subject find your feet, walk and have your say with a tick.

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