Saturday, 1 March 2014

Closing The Revolving Door, NZ Cricket grows up

It's fair to say that since the heady days of successful NZ cricket between mid 1970's to early 2000's there has been a rolling door policy with players coming and going and some coming back and going again and very little steadiness to the team.  Be it the fault of the coaches, many selectors or the players themselves, it doesn't matter now.  The New Dawn is upon the Blackcaps and they are doing it very nicely.

Since the advent of Mike Hesson and David White, and more latterly Bruce Edgar, there seems to be a sense of purpose going forward, and part of that purpose is rewarding talent, sticking with experience, and by and large not spitting out new players straight away if performances slacken.  As the Warriors loudly triumph in song "Loyal" and "Keeping the Faith".

So what of that experience in the teams (test and ODI)  The test teams for West Indies and India at home have largely been loyalty in selections.  The only change was Redmond in for Williamson in tests, Neesham in for Sodhi using a total of 13 players for 5 tests, unheard of for so long.  The ODI's are slightly different, injuries to bowlers changing the dynamic and the Horses For Courses selections too.  All in all 15 players were used, mostly the bowlers were the changes/extras.

Anyway, this list shows test and odi teams that played over 2013/14 with the years they debuted for the Blackcaps.  It shows a breadth of experience, and newish selections, which bodes well for the future.

Tests ODI's
Name Debut Name Debut
Fulton 2006 Guptill 2009
Rutherford 2013 Ryder 2008
Williamson 2010 Williamson 2010
Taylor 2007 Taylor 2006
B McCullum 2004 B McCullum 2002
Anderson 2013 Anderson 2013
Watling 2009 Ronchi 2013
Southee 2008 Southee 2008
Sodhi 2013 N McCullum 2009
Wagner 2012 Milne 2012
Boult 2011 McLenaghan 2013
Neesham 2013 Neesham  2013
Redmond 2008 Bennett 2013
Mills 2001
Henry 2013

Editted to add Latham (2014)

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