Sunday, 5 January 2014

The Credit Police

What many people don't realise is that the NZ Police are on a recruiting drive for another 1000 officers and about to buy more cars and computer technology.  The primary reason is to fill positions for a new Arm of the Law, the Credit Police.

On the table in Parliament is a new bill to allow for the creation of this branch of the Police.  It's primary purpose is to provide motorists and pedestrians with credit points for good driving etc.
Armed with their hardware and software, the Credit Cops will scour the length and breadth of the country daily for incidences of good driving, pull over the offending motorists with their Pink and Purple flashing lights and a siren that sounds much like a Jersey Cow having an orgasm, and then write a citation congratulating the driver for their considerate skills.

Every citation that is issued is entered into a database that logs peoples driving habits.  One citation will be worth 10 points and will be added to the existing demerit points system.  Once a driver has earned 100 points in citations, the government will then send a voucher to the driver/vehicle owner that is to be used to pay for One Years Registration of their motor vehicle.

Of course, alongside this far reaching and forthright initiative is the Demerit system.  Any incidents where drivers get pulled over by the Cops with Red and Blue flashing lights then an automatic infringement notice is issued and goes towards the Cops with Pink and Purple Lights database and points are deducted according to the severity of the offence.

The Minister of Police sees this as a positive slant on Policing in this country as rewarding good behaviour leads to better behaviour across the board and will mean the Cops with Blue and Red Flashing lights will be less busy and soon redundant.

Suffice to say, a good move all round.

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