Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Oligarchy, a cricketing Rant.

I think everyone has been following the BCCI, CA, and ECB debacle for a while now and have formed their own opinions accordingly.  Suffice to say most are in agreement, this is a very bad move for the international game and puts Cricket n the unenviable position of being a world laughing stock.

But what is the reality behind this decision?  Seems India is being singled out as the main culprit in this move, as all commentators are lamenting "who plays India when and where" and no mention of CA and ECB involvement in this move.  Is the BCCI going it alone in this or are those self same commentators wrongly apportioning blame at India's doorstep?

Forget about the good of the game in this, think the good of the powerful.  Oligarchy rings true in this case and oligarchies are few and far between in this democratic world of ours, but things are changing.  In fact if you look deep enough Oligarchies exist everywhere, so why not the ICC?  Let's be honest, the ICC is an outdated notion.  The power of the game, through revenue returns , is not in a two test series between New Zealand and Zimbabwe.  As can be seen in the recent ODI's on our shores versus the very country that is leading the call for Oligarchy (I love that word) the likes of New Zealand playing India is so much more financially rewarding for both countries.  So that backs India's claims.

But on the other side (and the dark side) is the involvement of Australia and England in this breakaway.  Well to be honest, England are not a top four team or even competent as opposition (on recent form) so how can they have the right to successfully call a shift in political meanderings?  Yes Australia have some claim.  Let's be real the one trophy that mattered most to Kiwi cricketers, the Chappel/Hadlee, has since died a painless and dreadful death, so their thinking that New Zealand no longer matters in their road forward has materialised.  The minnows just aren't getting a fair go and haven't for some time (when did Zimbabwe/Bangladesh last play on Aussie soil?)

Yep it's a hoary chestnut for sure, but one that cricketing world will just have to live with.  If the minor nations do decide to forge ahead and create a new Cricket governing body despite BCCI, CA and ECB what good does that do to the game?  And you can bet that the top three playing themselves more often will soon get boring and factions will form and soon all will want back in the fold.

Storm in a teacup, or a serious threat to the game of Cricket?  Only time will tell.  The central theme in all this is not so much Oligarchy, but outright greed, and as we all know Greed has a way of burning ones pocket

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