Thursday, 5 October 2017

Seen the Advert - Turtles - Myth or fact??

I spent most of my life at sea, either fishing inshore/beach with family or serving for 27 years in the Navy and sailing millions of miles, mostly around New Zealand.  In that  time I have never seen a turtle, either around New Zealand or in South Pacific/SubAntarctic.  Not one.  And when I saw the advert (Turtles/Shopping Bags) I thought the  assertions were fallacy.

However it isn't an untruth.  Maybe a little over stated but nonetheless not false. The advert gives the New Zealander the impression we are a huge turtle habitat, which is plainly evident in this article as not true.  Turtles - DoC article.

I have always had some misgivings about eco-terrorists.  Yes I applaud their general intent but at times they do overplay their actions.

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