Tuesday, 13 June 2017

Poor Selections in Champions Trophy

So where have the high flying  Kiwi cricketers gone in the ODI world.  A less than inspiring tri series in Ireland should have given the management something to think about leading into the CT17.  Yes, given our top cricketers were away on IPL duty, but losing to Bangladesh then (and subsequently in the CT17) suggested management were not in touch with cricketing reality.

So what of the CT17 form.  Well simply put the middle and lower orders failed.  Broom, Neesham, Santner and Anderson failed to fire, the latter, bat and ball. deGrandhomme not a go to man when his recent form suggests he should be a permanent fixture, 5 with bat and slow bowler option. Anderson playing at 7 (Ronchi at 6 with Tom Latham opening)  After two games Santner was obviously out of his depth, so more experienced Patel a better option not used.

Saddest news - Blackcaps don't have a test/ODI until 2018 ish with a T20 tri-series in Feb with England/Australia.  Not a good look for them.  There is no programmed international cricket for a team that needs competition to rectify the twin losses recently to Bangladesh (On our conditions).

I'm not sure who has the final say in game day selections but Hesson/Williamson desperately need to get savvy with selections and consequently positive results.  Historically we have always had  a great Middle order and there has to be either a better performing incumbents or cut and thrust selections (George Worker at 5, deG 6 maybe)??

So having failed against England (with results similar to earlier Tri Series,) a chance opened for wholesale changes to ensure the Bangladesh result.  On a seam friendly pitch a good chance to go with 4 seamers (Boult, Southee, Milne and Henry) and deG & Patel.  Fair to say Ronchi isn't an opener and could better be used at 6 or 7 as a closer with the older ball. If our team's not doing it with the Bat  then we need a bowling team to help carry the weight a bit.

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