Thursday, 30 March 2017

2016/17 Test Match Blackcaps Summary

Pakistan XI Tests.

Stats for NZ team members.

1st Test
DeGrandhomme 6/41
Kane 61

2nd test
Raval 55
Tim 6/80
Latham 80
Rosco- 102*
Wags 3/57

Bangladesh  XI tests

1st Test

Wags 4/151
Latham 177
Santner 73
Kane 102*

2nd Test
Trent 4/87
Tim 5/94
Latham 68
Nicholls 98

South Africa XI Tests

Trent 4/64
Jeet 50
Kane  130
BJ  50


Nicholls  118
Wags  3/102
Colin dG 5/52
Jeet 80


Matt 4/93
Jeet 88
Kane 176

Those are the best returns from the team.  Easy to say all tests were dominated by Blackcaps, the weather and Basin result versus SA marring the season, but if one analyses individual records it's amazing how dominant most were at various stages.

Firstly the team performance - two test series wins.  Pakistan are always a force to be reckoned with  and as past performances by the team all whole chipped in when it was needed.  Giving points for team performances vs Pakistan, I'd say an 8.5/10 is apt.

Bangladesh still have minnow status given past results, and they did score over 500 in one innings at The Basin, so not a push over.  I think given that score it was pleasing to see Blackcaps get up for a win. 7.5/10 factoring that 500 innings.

South Africa came here for a three test series and World Ranking of 1.  So the expectant series suggest we had our work cut out for us. The first test was a feeling out by both teams and although exciting at times no real result expectant.  The Second Test was a "win some lose some" and if not for SA dominating Day 4 and 5, could have gone the other way.  The third toss was a sad end to the tour, a result easily set up by our best effort all summer.

1st test par score 7.5
2nd Test showed grit despite the loss and 8.2
3rd test is a dominant Blackcaps and hard pushed not to give them a 10

Players series rankings
Latham  8.5
Raval  9.5
Williamson 10
Nichols 8.2
Taylor 8.15
deGrandhomme 8.5
Santner  6.5
BJ Watling  7.35
Patel  7.55
Wagner  8.35
Southee  6.5
Boult  7.55
Patel  7
Henry  7.75

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