Sunday, 20 March 2016

I'm alright Ref, just a bit dizzy.

Yes we are all now well aware the current catchcry is concussion in combative sports.  Sports such the like of Rugby League, Rugby, Football, Boxing, MMA, and NFL are falling under the radar as high incidence of concussion issues come to notice.

Last week there was a report that surfaced about 5 members of a Taranaki Rugby team playing in the 60's who now suffer early onset dementia.  So another link suggesting this prevalence of dementia is obviously a result of lax concussion rules "we had a head knock and were back playing following week"  Real Men,Weekend Warriors, and ignorant - yes!!  You can't change the past but can alter the future.

And a lady scientist in UK has just waded in with her change, no tackling until after 18??  Ok that's a scientist talking and one that has never spent 80 minutes in the mud and grime But she has a point, well sort of.  I think better science needs to be addressed, i.e do a sports wide analysis to determine when concussion was an issue.

And this issue will increase.  More and more people are playing more sport, and more and more
games are being played  (NZ rugby top players up to 10-12 pre 1995, over 30 post 1995).  We also have better treatment of concussed players, but still needs tinkering to protect from long term sufferance.

But I think too this study needs to be tempered and remove all emotive content from it. What is evident is that many countries are doing different studies and no one has a common forum to sit at and to cooperate in studying all data and to offer a way forward. But you also have to analyse all living Dementia sufferers to find common ground. And that would be thorough because I feel men are more susceptible to head injuries sport or non sport related.  I mean I knew two mates, since deceased who were early onset dementia suffers. Both were musicians, both liked their booze/drugs and both didn't play sports.  The only concussion issue would have been booze falls related.  Or not!!

And that is where good science needs to be issued to work alongside sporting bodies (or other defined cause events) and come to a determination.  We have to remember, Concussive Head Knocks whatever the cause are a life event.  Stopping weekend and professional warriors from doing what they love is ludicrous.  Supply the science, educate the target concussive audience and let them make their own decision about their possible ailment when older.

By rights I will suffer Dementia, but not from sporting head knocks.

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