Thursday, 10 December 2015

It was 30 years (or so) ago today - NZ Cricket path.

Hard not to wax lyrical about our resurgent cricket team.  But how do they measure up to our pacesetters, the 1980's team.  If we are to measure their progress then we have to look at a watershed period in our international career, and one that has not been bettered.  The 1985 3 test tour in Australia and the consequential series win by 2-1.  For once Australia had to take us seriously and a cricketing public found new heroes.  The names of the complete team are probably easy recall for diehard fans.

Yes the man who's records are in sight of a new hero, Kane Williamson.  However to be fair Martin Crowe's contributions were minimal except for a big score in Brisbane and a smaller one in Perth.  The honours for runs scored was shared evenly right through the team through the series with Edgar being the most consistent.

It's a given that the current team has probably got a more potent attack than the '85 team but it requires balance to achieve that result again and lacking a Hadlee type bowler would help in some way repeating that famous series win on their soil.'

Hadlee was the catalyst to our success, as is generally the case with successful teams.  Here are the test highlights from 1st to 3rd tests in November - December 1985.

1st Test - Brisbane
Won by Innings and 41 runs

Hadlee 9-52 and 6-91
JF Reid - 108
M CRowe - 188
45 extras in NZ innings.

2nd Test - Sydney
Lost by 4 wickets

B Edgar - 50 and 52
J Bracewell - 83*
S Boock - 37
Hadlee - 5-65

3rd Test - Perth
Won by 6 wickets

Hadlee - 5-65 and 6-90
Edgar - 74
M Crowe - 71

We had heroes back then and for the first time since the 1992's CWC exploits, the public is getting behind the team and the belief by the team is equally ready to take that mantel over.  There are new heroes, there is a lack of fear in the eyes, there is a positive winning vibe in this team.  My only hope for us to win again on Aussie soil is a more potent bowling attack and a batting lineup that bats right down and learns to take Aussies to the sword in all aspects.

And here is a thought.  How many New Zealand test teams have had three separate batsmen score a test match 200 and a 300??

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