Thursday, 11 April 2013

Down the Back of the Class

Ok many here will now have been used to fully integrated classrooms in schools, say from the 90's onward  but equally a large number will remember the old make up in older school classes.  The teachers pets sat at the front, those that excelled sat near the front and towards the back, and then the Naughty Boys and Girls coveted the back, on two grounds.

The first, out of sight out of mind, and two so they could cause mayhem without actually learning anything.  But let's start hitting the percentages.  90% of the classes of the time were made up with kids that could cope with the curriculum, some excelling.  But 10% of those classes were made up of dysfunctional children.  Yep, I'm talking Primary school largely here.

So we accept then that 10% of all people in society will be dysfunctional right?  Well yes of course we do, that's human nature, be it by design or circumstances or just plain rotten gene pools.  So how does this translate into adulthood?  Well simply really. At least 10% of society will always struggle, be it poor life choices, crime, or even over representative on the Dole queues.  So we have to accept that as a society right?  Well yes, we have to carry this load as a society regardless, it's just the way life is.

So recently it was announced by our good government that this was in fact not correct.  By stopping benefits  to long term unemployed the government is in fact not accepting the status quo and is planning to downsize those on benefits to save money.  But will it?  By not accepting the 10% notion above they are digging themselves a deeper hole.  Firstly, their statement said that there is work out there for these bludgers yet the Unemployment rate has escalated in the past six months as large firms lay off skilled workers who will find it difficult finding work of a comparative ilk, little alone any job, so the competition for jobs is increasing, even the menial ones and those who have no work history because they have been incapable of finding steady work will also find it even harder.  So the cost to society rises in the industries that service those that are having issues (medical, mental, social) and unable to cope.  And desperation is a double edged sword.  Many who are "bumped off" the dole queue will know they can't work and will turn to crime to make ends meet, ergo a rise in crime just when the government has been trumpeting a drop in crime across the board.

Therefore it's plain to see that the 7% unemployed rate will drop by a very small margin but upwards of 1 - 2% will fill already full prisons and jails.  Remember that 10% that were no hopers at the back of the classroom?  Maybe the government should.

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