Saturday, 23 February 2013

Putting the Spin in Spinning for the Blackcaps

Make up your own mind.  Which provincial spin bowler has the goods based on the 2012/13 Plunket Shield to make a regular spot in the Blackcaps team?

Below is a tabulated series on each bowler from each domestic team giving information on number of overs bowled, wickets taken, Runs scored against bowling and batting aggregate, with bowling averages, economy rate and batting average.

What is surprising is the lack of any real performances of a consistent nature.  Each bowler barring Astle have a 4 or 5 for and that's it?  Does this suggest most pitches were more suited to pace or does it indicate that spin bowling is not a weapon on New Zealand pitches (still)?  And how do domestic figures translate to international performances?

Anyway, the stats (taken over the nine completed rounds):

Overs Wickets Ruins Bat
205 21 715 286
Bowling Average   34.0  
Economy   3.5  
Batting Average   40.9  

Overs Wickets Ruins Bat
173 9 610 131
Bowling Average   67.8  
Economy   3.5  
Batting Average   26.2  
Overs Wickets Ruins Bat
404 32 1293 373
Bowling Average   40.4  
Economy   3.2  
Batting Average   23.3  

Overs Wickets Ruins Bat
220 20 890 217
Bowling Average   44.5  
Economy   4.0  
Batting Average   19.7  

Overs Wickets Ruins Bat
189 13 728 471
Bowling Average   56.0  
Economy   3.9  
Batting Average   36.2  

Overs Wickets Ruins Bat
222 15 667 267
Bowling Average   44.5  
Economy   3.0  
Batting Average   29.7  

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