Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Coming of Age or Lamb to the Slaughter

Ok so we know Rod Latham another former Canterbury and New Zealand stalwart, but what do we know of Tom Latham, Canterbury cricketer and it's youngest ever captain?

Well for one, apparently he's an opener, if selection for the NZ XI is anything to go by.  But if you look at all his innings in Plunket Shield this year, the closest he got to opening was playing two matches at 3.

Here's his innings by innings breakdown:

at 5    6 & 53*
at 3    15 & 23
at 3     7 & 15
at 5     43 & 16
at 5     13 & 37
at 5     DNB & 42
at 5      81 & 8

Is New Zealaznd cricket really trying to improve our stocks?  I'd have thought an olive branch to Rod Nicols or Aaron Redmond would have been better.  I applaud their picking Rutherford, he does need to face top quality bowling and the experience will do him well.  But I'm sorry, picking Latham as an opener in a match that could mean plenty is not the greatest choice.  Even 2MP could have done with that time in the middle if he is seriously in the mix.

Oh well, the rollercoaster continues.....

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