Wednesday, 11 July 2018

Vets at Sea Day Sitrep 11/7/2018

Vets at Sea Day

Remembrance Day - 11th November 2018

HDML Kuparu


0845 Vets Crew muster at HDML Kuparu (Yet to be decided – Bayswater Marina or Viaduct Basin)

0900 Vets arrive.

0915 Sail for A Buoy

1050 Arrive at A Buoy (High Water)

1111 Lay Wreaths in honour of those sailors weho failed to return home (A Buoy was chosen by Tony Lewis as the first and last points we sailors see of Auckland.)

1115 Courses for Motuihe Island Wharf

1235 Arrive Motuihe Island Wharf – Smally Eats/Goffa's/Tea/Coffee.

1300 Sail Motuihe Island – courses for Auckland Harbour Bridge – Cleaning stations

1450 Sail under the bridge – return to Bayswater Marina/Viaduct Basin.

1500 Berth – off load Veterans and volunteers – By road to Navy Museum

1515 Arrive Navy Museum – view exhibits/chat with Museum Staff

1600 To Ngataringa for semi formal dinner.

1700 Rum Issue

1730 Disperse.


We have a Give a Little Page running for donations. We hope to raise $1500 which will cover all expenses for the day co-nsisting of:

Wreaths x 2 $200

Luncheon on Kuparu $100

Kuparu Fees (Fuel/Berthing) $300

Rum $120

Dinner $300 (covering Vets and crew, a suggestion was made by Margaret Mitchell that we open the Dinner to other vets who will pay their way – about $20 a head. We won't know costs of food until Rebecca Brierton comes dack with them.

20 Personalised Commemorative T Shirts for both Crew members and Guests. If I haven't contacted you asking for your specific details, drop me a line. See the pics at end of this epistle. $600ish

If we have $$$ left over fom the Give a Little page it will be donated to Kuparu's upkeep if everyone agrees??

We will have 9 vets crewing and 10 vets as guests. So far we have four names for guests and we will also be asking for new crew as some originals have had to cancel. Watch this space.

We have shifted the eligibility a bit in line with the hui held last weekend. The ML is small, but comfortable with the exception of internal ladders and toilet locations so Vets (both crew and guests) need to have good mobility and sound mind. Originally we were targetting 75 – 85 year old vets, but have pulled it back to 70 to 75ish. I am 59 and still wear Hatch and Ladder Bruises. If you know any vets that would jump at the chance to go to sea again, drop me a line.

The T Shirts (rough draft – Al Sinclair is doing a quote at the moment.) The front is just an indicator Al has a better one which shows the whole of Kuparu.

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